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Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 9th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 9th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Viren and Sarita’s argument continues. Sarita yells she has found a girl for Aryan and will marry him in a good family this time. Whole Sethia family leaves. Saachi and Aryan get tensed seeing all this drama and think they try to patch up between families. Sarita walks yelling she will get rid of Saachi from Aryan’s life. Viren also reaches home and fumes that he took a wrong decision by selecting a sansakar family for Saachi and will find a good body this time. Kusum asks if he will remarry Saachi. He says yes even Saachi has right to live happily.


Priyanka feels head and goes to kitchen to make tea for herself. She feels dizzy and her sari pallu falls on gas stove, it starts burning. She collapses. Sonu is busy playing football with mansoor. He goes

in and sees smoke all over. He gets into kitchen and sees Priyanka on floor unconscious and tries to blow off fire with his hand. He rushes out and informs Mansoor Mansoor comes in and calls doc. Whole family returns and he calls them there.

Doc comes and checks Priyanka and tells she is very weak and asks her how did it happen. She tells she went to prepare tea for herself and fell dizzy, sari pallu fell on gas stove and the next thing she remembers is Mansoor setting off fire and calling doc. Sarita apologizes her for leaving her alone and asks to promise she will take care of herself well. She then yells at Sushanth that he is responsible for Priyanka’s condition. Sonu comes and hugs Sushanth. Sarita yells to take him away from here. Aryan picks Sonu and takes him aside. He sees Son’s burnt hand and asks what happened, applies ointment. Mansoor says he burnt it while saving Priyanka. Sushanth says he has decided to send Sonu to boarding school as family does not want him here and he will crave for Priyanka’s love whole life and Priyanka will not accept him. Priyanka hears conversation standing in balcony.

Aryan speaks to Saachi over phone and informs her about Priyanka’s fire accident and Sushanth decision of sending Sonu to boarding school. She comes to meet him disguised as Rajasthani woman selling utensils. He and Prabhath walk towards car to go to office. She insists Aryan to buy plate and shows her face on plate. He insists Prabhath to buy some plates and asks him to go to office, he will come later. He then takes Saachi aside and Saachi asks why Sushanth wants to send Sonu boarding school. Their discussion continues. Aryan leaves for office. Saachi walks out and sees Neeti hugging a a man much older than him.

Viren cals Vaibhav and Priya and informs that he has decided to remarry Saachi and will marry Saachi and them in same mantap. Chandra says Viren took a good decision.

Aryan is at office busy in work when Saachi calls and says she needs to talk. He says if he can later if it is not important. She tells she saw Neeti with an older man. He says why she is becoming orthodox, Neeti is responsible girl and will not do anything wrong. Saachi then asks Tanu if she saw Neeti with a man while she was waiting in a car. Tanu says yes, man looked much older.

Aryan returns home and Sarita introduces him to Priyanka’s aunt and cousin and tells she has select this girl for him. Aryan is shocked. Sarita forces him to sit and asks girl to serve him tea. Girl sees Aryan’s sad face. Diwakar says Aryan’s divorce did not happen yet. Aunt says it is okay, they will get out of their bad relationships soon. Sarita says she hopes so.

Precap: Viren shows boy’s pics to Saachi on social media and says they are all good. Saachi is shocked and asks why second marriage so early. Sarita comes and warns Saachi to sign divorce papers right now.

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