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Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 5th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 5th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Priyanka speaks to her cousin and tells her that once she is married to Aryan, she will like their family as family respects bahus more than their sons. Sonu comes and shows his drawing with him holding Sushanth and Priyanka’s hands. Priyanka looks at it and emotionally pampers Sonu, but seeing Aryan and Sushanth scolds Sonu who asked him to make this drawing, his father. Sonu crying from there crying. Sushanth holds Priyanka’s hand and beats himself and says she can punish him, but not innocent Sonu, what is Sonu’s mistake. Priyanka breaks down and cries looking at drawing.


During Jaipur cultural festival, Viren organizes Rajasthani follk musical concert. Vaibhav informs Viren that Ravanhatha musical instrument’s musician fell ill and has

not come and all guests are eagerly waiting. Viren gets tensed and tries all his contacts, but in vain. Aryan calls Saachi and Saachi says it would have been nice if he had attended festival. Aryan says she is looking beautiful in golden dress. She looks around and he hides. He says golden ear rings are looking really nice on her. Saachi asks where is he. He continues praising her and comes behind her. She is surprised to see him. Their romantic chat continues. She tells about Ravanhatha artist’s absence. He says she knows Jaipur’s best Ravanhatha artist. She asks who. He says kakasa/Prabahth. She realizes and says how to inform her family. He says via Tanu.

Saachi goes back and Tanu informs family that kakasa plays Ravanhatha well. Saachi says why should they call Prabhath. Viren says yes. Kusum calls Prabhath and requests him to show his talent as it is question of their Rajasthani music. He agrees and informs family. Aryan goes back home and tells kakasa should not help them. Diwakar tells Prabhath that he should go as it is question of Rajasthani music. Prabhath says if they all come along, he will be confident.

Sethia family reaches festival venue. Kusum greets them. Viren fumes. Vaibhav takes Prabath to stage. Prabhath performs really well. Everyone enjoy and clap for him. Viren goes on stage and praises Prabhath’s skills and felicitates him. Aryan and Saachi get really happy and discuss their plan’s second stage is complete.

Sarita walks around venue searching Aryan. She steps on wires and pulls them by mistake. Electric short circuit happens and sparks emerge from wire box. People panic. Sarita tries to set off sparks with a stick. Viren sees that and scolds that when Sethias are around them, these accidents are obvious and tells Saachi she was right. Sarita yells she has found a rich family girl for Aryan. Aryan and Saanjh feel sad that their plan failed.

Precap: Viren gathers family and informs after Saachi’s divorce, he will find a good boy and get her married. Saachi goes to meet Aryan disguised in rajasthani attire and sees Neeti with her boyfriend.

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