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Ek anokhi lv story -Episode 1


Hello guys this is shrukar. This is my first ff. I hope u will like my ff. And i will start now.


A girl will be seen sitting on terrace wall thinking deeply. She is looking at sky & thinking. In that stars brightness her face is glowing beautiful than ever. She is ragini.

She is so happy today as finally she got her love in her life. She is remembering each incident between them with some flashes. Her friends will come to her.

Naina: Ragini what are u doing here? Is anything important?

Ragini is surprised that how does she know it.

Naina : Don’t be so surprised darling i know u well when ever anything important happensin your life surely u will be here.

Ragini smiles at her.

Naina: Now say what happened ? Did u met him again?

Ragini: Yes naina. Today i have met him for 3rd time. It is confirmed he is the one who will love me.

Naina: I am happy for u ragini but be careful don’t know who is he or anything. Think before you decide.

Ragini: Thanks naina. U are the one who will always think about me. I promise i will make sure about him but my heart is saying he is perfect.

Naina: I hope so. Ok lets go to room if warden sees us like this she will scold again.

They goes to their room.

Here in pub a handsome guy is seen dancing with some random girl. His friends will come to him & takes him to other place to sit. He is sanskaar.

Sanskaar : Guys what happened ? Y u dragged me here?

They all look at him seriously.

Sanskaar : What happened yar please anyone tell me. Did i do anything wrong?

Viren: Sans what are u thinking about yourself? Y are u doing this?

Sanskaar : dude first say what i did then ask me.

Preeti: Fine sans. Tomorrow u are going to see a girl for marriage fixing right.

Sanskaar : Ofcourse right.

David: What are u serious? Arranged marriage? Whats wrong with you buddy?

Sanskaar : Relax guys. What’s wrong in this?

Maya: Wrong? U are asking this sans. We have decided right no arranged marriage ever. Then what about it.

Sanskaar : Dear friends just calm down. This is just for my parents sake. Otherwise sans & arranged marriage no way.

Preeti: Cool. We are afraid that whether u will agree for this so called arrange marriage which is not at all our type.

They all laugh & says cheers to drinks.

Thanq guys. This is at. Please comment guys & says whether you like it or not.

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