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Ehsaas tujhe bhi mere pyaar ka hoga….swasan (shot 2)

Hey guys…..i m so happy…..ur comments made me happy thanx a lot who commented on the previous shot….and guys the guilt is still there in me bcoz of bashing helly many of u still not forgave me….srry guys plzz ….plzz……and u know first time i got 22 comments and in tei i maximum get 14 comments…..thnx a lot….so lets start the epi….

SWARA’s pov….
yaa i m coming….i told to my pa……now i m a matured girl wid no enjoyment in my life bcoz a mistake in my life taught me how to live life…..the day left skul my frnds were shocked but i have to bcoz if i will see that boy i know i will loose my control….so its better that i left the skul….anyways i have to go bcoz my meeting is there……
pov ends….
nxt seen…
swara’s pov..
no yrrr rutu i can’t come i m busy…..plzz yrr swara u never came in any occasion my frnd said….and i have to say yes….i was thinking in my room wat to were bcoz i never gone to a new year party but this year i have to go…..finally after 2hours i decided to wear a knee length black colour 1 piece……i saw myself in the mirror…..i was looking perfect wid simple makeup wid my hairs open….
nxt seen
i gone inside the mansion it was looking so nice…..i was just sitting talking wid some or other people…..and someone came yaa it was a boy…..he came and asked me for a dance he was so innocent…..i could not resist so i joined him…..we were dancing romantically but somewhere in my heart i can feel i know him…..we were dancing on..bol do na zara frm azhaar….
itni mohabbat karo ba

main doob na jaon kahi
vapas kinare pe aana
main bhul na jaon kahi

dekha jab se hai cehra tera
main toh hafton se soya nhi
bol do na zara dil main jo h chepa
main kisi se kahun ga nhi yeh….

we were dancing so intensely that we forgot the songs end….i was little embarrassed….so i left….i gone to my frnd rutu….i just told her what’s that boy name….,she told his name is sanskar maheswari…..i was shocked…..i just looked at him and all the past memories…..came in my mind i just left that place and tears started to flow frm my eyes….i was walking alone in the road…..

so guys did u like it plzz comment i need it….u all my support system…
bye guys

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