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Edkv with a twist – by yb (Episode 1)

Hey peeps , as promised I am back with the first epi of EK DUJE KE VAASTE… each and every epi will be long enough ?
So let’s start

Scene 1
A room is shown with some piled books and some frames hanging on the wall ….the photos consist of a boy and a girl …. there is a huge cot in the middle of the room and a young girl is sitting on the bed with two frames in her hand , one shows her parents and the other shows an young boy who is similar to the one on the hanging frames ?
Everyone is right , the girl is our sumo and the boy Shravan ?
Zindagi kaha kaha se guzarti chali gayi plays in the bg
Sumo weeps bitterly looking at those photos ……

Her smartphone rings and she picks it up to hear a female voice on the other end ….
“sumo, tum aaj PCT nahi aa rahi kya ??
Sumo: 5 min me nikal jaungi… preeta
sumo dresses up wipes her tears and whispers to herself
” sumo, tum bhi na ?, just forget him , he’s never gonnna be yours …..
she quickly walks out of her room and enters an other room where an old man is rocking on his chair…
She quickly takes his blessings and says “nanu me pct jaa rahi hu”
She quickly grabs her car key and moves out of that huge building …

Scene 2
A man in his 50’s is roaming around his room , he looks as if he is struck in some dilemma…
he whispers to himself
” ahh !! I am not getting any ideas , my son is gonna return from London after 10 long years and what arrangements should I do ??
Something fascinating, something unique ??? Aarrgh!!! ”
He is Ramnath for sure?
A lady enters the room and says
” ram don’t take any tension , let’s get some cool ideas but before that you also need to understand that we have a very big work remaining ?”
She is Nirmala ?

Ramanath asks ” what work ” in a confusing tone ….
She replies “don’t you remember, my cousin’s daughter Urvashi , she is such a disciplined girl and I always wanted her to be my daughters in law, so what if we arrange the engagement right on the day when Shravan arrives from London ”
Ramnath replies ” Nirmala have you lost your mind? Shravan doesn’t even know who Urvashi is ….
Nirmala says ” oh come on Ramnath , I am sure Shravan will like Urvashi . After all I am his mother ?”
Ramnath says ” no there is someone who knows him better than you ”
( guess who ?)
He walks away in a confused state ?

Scene 3
( Ramnath- Aditya converse )
Ramnath sits on the couch and calls various people for some arrangements , he feels a jerk on his hand , he finds Aditya beside him …
Aditya: ram uncle , why don’t you ask Suman di about this kind of celebrations ?, she knows a lot of things about Shravan ?
Ramnath pats Aditya’ back and leaves to Tiwari killa ….

Scene 4
It’s evening and sumo finishes some of her works and leaves back to Tiwari killa….

Scene 5
Ramnath enters Tiwari killa and has a little chat with sumo’s nanu
Note: Ramnath and Tiwari ji don’t have any direct relationship, Ramnath still shares his problems with Tiwari ji ?
Sumo enters and is in awe to find ram , she takes his blessings and has a little chat with him …

Ramnath : sumo , I know that you know Shravan very well and he is your best friend hence will you do me a kind favour?? Will you please help me out with arranging Shravan’s party , he is gonna be back , day after tomorrow ?
Sumo was hesitant at first but Ramnath spoke up
Ramnath : see Suman , all you need to do is share what Shravan likes the most , his interests and other stuff about him so that I will do the arrangements according to that .
Suman wasn’t interested at this because first of all she wanted to forget Shravan and if she will help ram than she was scared whether those memories would affect her further ….
Suman : actually uncle , I have got a lot of work , so can I talk about this tomorrow ??

Ramnath felt that Suman wasn’t interested at this and hence he said
” okay Suman , I’ll take care of it by myself but do tell me if you have got some ideas …
Suman nodded her head and rushed back to her room and latched the door , she bent down on her knees and cried hugging those pictures of shravan and later she dozed offf …..?
“Jaake zara usse bol do
Chahta jisse tu raha
Kahi teri khamoshiyan
Jeet na jaye pyaar se
Mil Jane do dil jo bane
Ek duje Ke vaaste ”

Next Sunday:
Precap : Suman goes to Malhotra mansion and helps Ramnath , Nirmala forces Ramnath to talk to Shravan regarding Urvashi , Ramnath seeks help from Tiwari ji
Sumo hears something and is heart broken ??

Hey guys , this was the first epi ,feel free to express your views , will come back with an other interesting episode next Sunday or even before that if I can ?..

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