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Do dil bandhe ek dori se Part 18 By Aahana

Do dil bandhe ek dori se Part 18

Hi everyone. I am really happy with the response but a little sad too. As everyone guessed that san is speaking to rags pic. I thought that everyone might be thinking it as some other girl and san is speaking on phone but everything reversed. Almost everyone guessed it rags. And it is right. Now let us see what happens and how san will express his feelings. He will not propose to her in this part. Its enough of my bakbak now and i will continue the story

Adi and rags had gone to village along with dadi and dadu
Others are in living room except san
San comes there holding a small bag (some jewellery bag)
He wishes them but he just gets a fake smile from them. He doesn’t understand anything .
San : why all are too silent. Is everything fine. Then he observes dadi, dadu, adi and rags are not there
San : papa where are nani and nanu and haa where is rags. I was calling her from a long time but she is not lifting. I should say something very important to her.
DP : he is controlling his anger thinking san wants to say rags about his lover
DP : why san? She went out and might be little busy so she might have not attended the call
San : papa what are u saying. U know what she will never neglect my call even if she has an urgent work.
Harish understands that DP is angry on san but he thinks that everyone has a right to take decisions in their life and san too can choose his lifepartner. Its not san mistake
Harish : beta voh she went to village along with your nani and nanu
San laughs and says mamu stop joking. She will not go anywhere without saying to me and he starts climbing the stairs without listening to anyone
He reaches her room but finds it empty. He then searches her balcony and few other rooms and doesn’t find her anywhere. He panics by not finding her anywhere.
He rushes down and asks avantika : maa where is rags. I searched but she is not there. Did she go to office.
Avantika : no beta. Harish said the truth. She along with adi, maa and papa went to village.
San : why maa is anything that urgent that she went without informing me.
Viren : bhai what is with u? Why should she say everything to u. Its her life. You also hid many matters from us.
San : i don’t understand what u are speaking
Viren ; bhai stop being overprotective about her. One day she has to get married and will leave the house. She has to look after her inlaws and automatically will speak less with us
San : viren what am i sayng and what you are saying. Is there any link. (actually san is frustated with her marriage talks from mrng)
Viren : bhai ofcourse there is connection. Once she gets married she will leave us and go. You aresaying that now she didn’t inform you, but in future she wont say her each and every work to u. So stop bossing her.
San is hurt with viren words

Harish and Avantika are silent spectators as they don’t want to judge anyone
Viren ; why bhai, u became silent. Once her marriage
Viren was about to continue but stops listening to san shouting
San :she will not marry anyone. Is it ok
Viren :bhai how can u say like that. She is not your property ok
San: just shutup viren. She will not marry anyone other than me. I love her so much. Now stop speaking about her marriage.
All are surprised listening to his words and also shocked
DP : san don’t joke in this type of matters. I hate such silly jokes
San : papa i am serious. I love her from the day i came to know the meaning of love. She is my life, my breathe, my everything. I cant live without her
All are staring at him as if he is a ghost
San ; what happened why u all are staring at me. i really love her .
Viren : bhai mrng u were saying that u love someone
San : when did i say
Viren ; voh bhai mrng we heard your confession from outside the room
San : i was speaking to rags photo. After listening about marriage talks i was afraid and thought to propose her
San : wait a minute.what did u say “we” heard. It means did rags listen
Viren nods
San : so she went to village
Viren again nods
San : atleast once u people must have spoken to me. How can you assume that. Ragu misunderstood me and now i have to convince her. But how should i.
He keeps thinking
Episode ends on san face

Precap : san and family going to village

It is done. Hope everyone likes it. I know todays part is boring. Actually i am not well. So not able to give a long update. 19 and 20 parts will be very interesting. Pleas

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