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Dill-e-ishq_dill-e-nafrat (part-10)

Hhhiiiii… hope All good… n feet n fine.. so hope u like thr previous part… n swasan marriage too… so..let’s look…

recap: Swasan marriage revealed. n raglak moment…



same day evening….

@XYZ park..

San was seating bossily.. n rag just come n stand minimum 5feet distance..

San:(get up..) haa.. tell ragini vabi…..(taunt)

rag:(pass her suitcase) YH looo.. issme 50lacks. hai.. and leave swara… and get lost form her life…

San:(ferocious) what do u mean..?? I accepted her as my wife..

rag:(chuckle) ohh really…?? then why don’t u wait for laksh’s approval..??

San: (look away..)

rag: look.. Mr.sanskar.. I knew.. it all part of your cheap game… but don’t spoiled her life… pplllzzz she is a pure soul… pplllzzz (become weak..n plead) pppllzz… sanskar meri galti kI saza mat do USSe…

San:(snap) wwwooohhh.. Pplllzzz stop dragging our past between both of our future… get that vabi jiii… and if u are saying for leave her.. then listen to me very carefully.. she is your n your’s husband’s Darling… and for that u will always sacred to loose her… N I really wanna let u feel that exact same feeling… vabijiiii

rag: (angry) fine.. and maybe u don’t Kenw Shona…. for her only her brother is more imp… that’s y she even get married with u… bl**dy… but when she come to knew.. that for last 7-8 months u are reason of her brother’s stress… u never knew.. u don’t need to leave her… she will do it itself…


rag: hear is the money… (she put the suitcase down…n walk away..)


Lak was reading a magazine.. n just ragini enter.. n both great eo with smile….

Lak: morning

rag: morning.. did u take medicine..?? lucky..??

Lak: actually no.. u was not hear n.. so… (wink 😉)

Rag:(bit shy 😌) yeh lijjiye.. (pass his medicine…)

Lak: well shona kab aaa rhi hai mumbai se..??(bit serious)

rag: e….r… wo… soon very soon…

Lak:(soft but strong yet anger) but last night u say she is in Delhi…??

rag:(shock) woo.. haa.. she is in Delhi.. wo u knew..n.. lots of stress.. so…

Lak: then why u pleading to sanskar for leavening her..??


Lak:(get up… form bed.. n seat) ragini.. truth.. tell me the truth…

rag:(looks in his eyes.. n looks down) actually am sorry am going to meet with him.. to retuen his money…. and free our Shona….

Lak:(make her seat too) kyaa matlab..?

rag: (explain all…n weep) am sorry laksh.. I was not knowing it.. if I wud knew.. I don’t let utt happen… pplllzz trust me…

Lak:(smile ) realx…I knew my sis.. when am stand infornt of her eyes…n ask her to come back… she will definitely back.. u don’t worry..

rag:(smile) thanks laksh for trusting me…

Lak: coz I love u…

rag:(hug him) I love u too.. n now safely bring swara back…

lak; hmmm……. Lets go..

rag; (bit worried)

at evening @MM..

swara was serving tea to San n Ap.. and happily moving hear n there…. just she stop to see at main gate.. n San standard with surprise n shock. Ap have a soft bless smile..

Sw:vaiii…. (look at gate… while Lak was standing at MM with the help of ragini… )

Lak: Shona… (open his arms..) come… give me hug…

Sw:(smile 😀 n rush to hug him… with her tearfull eyes.😂 .) vai.. u are well.. am so happy to see u…(shams in his arms) I love u vai… miss u so much….

rag;(caress her hair..) and we have a good news for u.. that your vai… accepted your this marriage.. n also thankful to Mr. Maheswari for his help…(while smirking at San.. boldly n laksh too look at Lak form her hug)

san :(frown his eyes… with this announcement.. n shock yet)

Sw:(broke Hug n guilty 😞) vai.. wo actually.. wo….wo…

Lak:(cups her face. n caress her ceeks) ohh my princess dont be sad… I am alwayS with my doll…. (give a frown to san) an I will always protect you from all evils…..

San:(attitude) well… for that thanks Mr. gaddodia..

Sw:(smile n look down) vai.. he is Sanskar..

Lak: doll I don’t need any introduction of my jiju.. n u really think so…

rag:(laugh at Sw)


Lak:(to San) well. Mr. maheswa ri.. I don’t knew yet u have rule to making guest stand at door..?? Shona is it…?(chuckle)

Sw:(close her eyes.. n bite her tongue ) oooopppss.. am sooooo sorry vai… pplllzzz coome inside…

San:(smile to see sw’s smile after almost 4days) yeah.. plllzz come..

Ap:ramu kaka.. bring coffee…

Lak:no aunty.. pllzz don’t bother yourself… ppllzz u too seat..(rag make him seat )

Ap San rag all seat n Sw walk to MM mandir.. n back in sometimes…

Sw: vai… give me your hand…

Lak:why.?? today is not raksha bandhan..?? right Shonu…??

rag: yes.. but if you doll asking then must have reason.. (laugh)

Lak;(open his arms..n she tie a moulli in his hand) yeh..??

Sw: vai.. it will save u.. form all bad.. look maa also tie me.. so..(points her hand..raglak both looks at Ap… n she smile)

San was all hell confused by raglak sudden sweetness.. n ran his hand throw his hairs..n walk to his study..

San:(confused) guys.. u pllzz continued I have a imp.. call…

Sw;(sigh) vai u tell u are all fine na??

Lak:(kiss her scalp) yeah…

swara walk to kitchen.. raglak looks at Ap.. she give a assure smile.. rag get a massage…

“thanks for listening me.. beta.. don’t worry Just ddo what I say… n I promised all of your lIves will set.. u both your Shona.. n my beta took”

Lak:(smile n blink at her) wayse aunty.. where is sanskar gone..?? I need to talk to him…

Ap: (points at studay) there…

Lak walk at study.. n San was just backing out…

What u think…?? kyaa hoga..?? what happen to raglak all sudden..?? Whats are going to come to lak’s doll’s life…???

oooooohhhhkkkk..😛😛😛😛 am done.. now its your turn.. must read n do comments….

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