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dhadkan dil ki ep 3

Hi….sorry for late update I was some what busy so sorry hope u like it sorry again ..now let’s go I hope u remember this story..

A park is shown a handsome boy is sitting on chair working on laptop.two children are playing around chair of girls . girls got angry on them. The boy saw this and goes towards girls.
Boy: I am sorry if my children disturbes you. Actually there mother had been died when they were small he star crying fakely the girls says it’s OK .the boy go and sits at his chair one of the girl come and start talking with him and he flerts with him she give him his number
The seen shift to the swara who was telling her parents
Swara : mom dad mujhai har khushi zindagi mai mili hai app kaisai parents jinhoun nai mujai kisi chiz ki kami ni honai diye aur laksh jaisa cousine jou mera itna khyal rakhta hai aur iss sab sai badhkar meri dost ragini jou mera sath merai sayain ki trah hoti hai Mujh sai itni mohabat krti hai ki shayid mai bhi khud sai itni mohabat ni krti woh meri behan sai bhi badkar hai merai liya aur
She was cut by shekhar

Bs bs beta we know Ab itna lecture mat dou
Shakher to swara tumhai yaad hai aj humai Dr sharma kai pas Jana hai.
Swara:dad apko tou pta hai mai bilkul theek hou you know sharma uncle ko nà srif patient ki lambi line bnani hoti hai
Shakher: Tou yeh aachi baat hai hum jayai gai aur sharma uncle ka wahan khatam kr kai aayai gai hai nà shona
Swara ;that’s like my dad .
She takes her breakfast
Swara is shown reading a book while eating some chips a girl enter the room beautiful eyes pink lips with pink top and black jeans and cell in hand
Girl ; oho swara let’s go I have booked tickets for concert only for you air tum hou ki baithi hou love story padhnai she takes book from her hand .
Swara:rags tum hamesha ASA kyun krti hou mujai story padhnai dou

Precape: swasan first meet

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