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Dard-e-Dil by Shazi (Part 2)

Part 1: part-1

I can understand that everyone wants the entry of Ragini but we have to wait a little bit for that maybe in next part. For now we need to understand a furious Laksh. Thank u all for liking this ff ?


Laksh: Get out of you rooms cowards!

Shouting and screaming on top of his lungs.

Laksh: get out I said! Oh I apologise! Mr Durga Prasad needs his beauty sleep! Oh come on dad you don’t even have beauty why do you want to sleep? Oh gosh I am so rude ahahaha…


DP screams and sees Laksh standing there and giggling.

Laksh: oops! I woke the Satan up

AP: Laksh your condition is not stable come to…

DP stops her from talking by showing his hand.

Laksh: woah Mr Durga P… P… Papa? You were never my papa! You never took care of us always took care of your business. You involved maa in your charity dinners and organisations that even she couldn’t look after us.

His eyes were welling up and his voice was also breaking.

Laksh: because of you I am in this state! I always wanted your attention but all you could give us was your anger and your hatred towards my lifestyle. You never hugged me to tell me that you are here for me!

DP: this empire that I created was for you and your brother!

Laksh: an empty empire without love and care! Where everybody is so selfish! Well thank you so very much

AP had tears in her eyes as she knew that she also got caught up in so many things that she forgot to take care of her own sons.

Laksh: I hate you all I really do! That Sanskar I wish he never sees happiness! What he has done to me he doesn’t deserve happiness. From now on, even I’ll be selfish. And both of you, oh whatever!

He moves towards the stairs and is about to fall but he composes himself and walks into his room.

DP: I only have one solution!

AP: we can’t force anything on him at this point

DP: we have to!

AP: do you mean?

DP: yes!

AP gets tensed and they both head to their room.

In the morning, Laksh has a massive hangover because he drank too much. He remembers the events and recalls himself saying that he never wants to see Sanskar happy! He never wanted to say that because after all he is his brother. He remembers what Sanskar did to him and jerks his thoughts. He gets out of bed and takes a cold shower trying to forget all the past events. He gets ready and sees his parents at the breakfast table and gives them a sarcastic smile.

AP: Laksh come have breakfast with us!

Laksh: what is this new drama?

DP: behave!

Laksh: you don’t tell me what to do when you don’t know how to behave yourself!

DP: come home earlier tonight!

Laksh: a fake dinner we’re having?

AP: Laksh please listen to us

Laksh: go ahead I’m listening

DP: we want you to meet someone! It’s time for you to become responsible

Laksh: meet who? The president? Or are you putting me in a rehab?

DP: nothing like that but come earlier.

Laksh was confused and gave them a whatever look. Everyone goes to their work and Laksh goes out with omi.

Omi: yaar you need to have trust in me you know me since primary school and we have been a team!

Laksh: I know but me and my brother have also been together since I was born

Omi: maybe he had some pressure or he had to do it for some reason

Laksh: what reason huh? What reason? The only reason is that it was their strategy to come inside the house and make their places into everyone’s hearts

Omi: maybe Swara was pressurising him because she didn’t want you to propose her

Laksh got thinking: leave it I don’t want to talk about those people. They mean nothing to me!

Omi: let’s have fun and forget about this! Ok?

Laksh: let’s go.

They both leave and waste yet another day doing nothing and walking in and out of bars and clubs.

In the evening, Laksh gets home and sees his parents with another business tycoon: The Sanghiras and their daughter Kavya. They were having tea and snacks when Laksh barges in.

Sanghira: there he is! My boy you have grown up to be very handsome

Laksh gives DP an angry and confused look

Sanghira: here is Kavya my daughter

She eyes Laksh lustfully and gives him a smile

AP: Laksh please come and sit down here talk to them

Laksh: what for?

Kavya: we came here for our rishta… I think you and me need some private time together don’t we?

AP gets a bit shocked: umm yes Laksh take her to the terrace you guys can get to know each other

Laksh is still confused and goes upstairs while Kavya follows.

On the terrace:

Kavya holds his arm: oh Laksh you don’t know how much I wanted you to be my spouse

Laksh jerks her hand and gives her a disgusted look

Kavya: we were meant to be I will always take care of you and will help you with business

Laksh turns around: you would betray me too like all those bl**dy business minded people do

Kavya: what are you saying baby I will be with you

Laksh: would you be able to live with me if I was poor and left my dad? And didn’t let you do business?

Kavya: hahah why are you talking like poor people?

Laksh smirks and goes near her while she gets happy and closes her eyes. Suddenly, she hears a noise and feels her cheek warm. Yes, he had slapped her! She was completely shocked and ran downstairs while crying.

Laksh shouts so everyone hears: I have had enough of people like you! bl**dy selfish…

Sanghira and his wife are furious seeing their daughter in this state!

Sanghira: DP you have insulted me and my family!

DP: that was not my intention I thought if I fix his marriage he will be ok

Laksh descends the stairs and claps: good drama but it’s over these people who are business minded just annoy me!

DP: enough is enough apologise to kavya!

Laksh: what for? She should apologise to me for looking at me like I’m her next business deal

Sanghira’s wife: how could you do this! My daughter is worth more than your useless son! You will see we’ll get our daughter married to someone who is amazing unlike your drunkard son!

Laksh: thank you so much for nothing! Get out!


Laksh goes in his room and he is breaking all the things around him.


AP: I told you not to!

Sanghira: so you knew your son wouldn’t want to but you still did this to us? Let’s go from here

DP sits down and puts his hand on his head.

DP: he will never…

AP: he needs our love

DP: he doesn’t need our love he is just doing this for his own benefit to make us look like idiots in front of others. To defame our name!

AP: you are again thinking in a negative manner then how can he be positive?

They are sitting down on the couch when they see Laksh coming down with a bag in his hands. He is about to head towards the door when AP stops him.

AP: where are you going?

Laksh: leaving this house!

AP: you can’t leave this house how will you…

DP: let him go! He will learn how to survive without all the luxuries and will know that all this is a necessity to him!

Laksh: I will show you how I can be happy without you being in my life!

AP: Laksh you can’t go like this what will I become? Both of my sons are leaving me what will I do?

Laksh: Maa this is his house and I can’t take him anymore. The day I become happy, I will come and show him that money cannot buy his son’s happiness

AP: but why are you doing this to me?

Laksh: I think we all need this break

AP is crying standing on the stairs and DP is not ready to leave his pride and stop his children. The Maheshwari family was shattered! None of the parents knew where Sanskar was and now, their other son was also gone! Many questions were roaming in AP’s head:

How are my kids?

Where would they go?

I did make a mistake by not giving my children time!

AP: this is all my fault!

She was standing there not being able to take anything in her hands

AP: I couldn’t make my family stick together! I was the mother and the lady of the family but…

DP: it is not your fault! Your children don’t deserve all the luxuries we gave them! Our name, our money, they didn’t deserve any of it!

AP: you are right! They deserved love… I resign from any jobs to do with your business. I want to save our relation and want to try to bring our family back together… if my children come back, I want them to know that their maa has changed and she wants to give her sons the love they deserve.

DP: I don’t understand why all of you have gone mad. Do whatever you all want! I have to and need to run my business!

AP knows that it won’t be of any use to convince DP so she tries to change herself. She then goes to pray for her sons and asks god for their happiness.

Screen freezes on the worried face of AP

Precap: Laksh in Omi’s house. Ragini’s entry? Maybe… Let’s see…

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