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Crazy love of thahaan (part-36)

this part is starting from thapki stands in balcony.she sees the moon.she talks to moon and cries

she says,I am giving more troubling for everyone.I can’t guess who are all trying to destroy me and my baby.she cries. bihaan sees thapki was standing in balcony.he comes near to her.bihaan hears her crying.he touches her shoulder.she turns at bihaan.he sees thapki was crying.bihaan gets worried.suddenly thapki hugs bihaan and cries.bihaan hugs her.
then thapki sees bihaan.
bihaan:thapki why are you crying?any problem?

thapki:ye… ye… yes bihaan.I am only problem.
bihaan:what..?.why are you saying like this?
thapki:yes bi…bi.. bihaan.I ruined your life.I am getting scared because of I am feeling someone trying to destroy our baby.
bihaan:no…no thapki.don’t worry.I am with you.
thapki:n…n…no bihaan.someone trying to destroy my baby.(she sees somewhere. she repeats the same to bihaan.)

bihaan tries to consoles her.
bihaan:(holds her face)no don’t get scared.I won’t let anything happend for you and our baby.
but she repeats the same thing to him.bihaan holds her shoulder.he shakes her.
bihaan:thapki…what happend for you?(he shakes her)
thapki stops he speech.she gets shocked.she looks at bihaan.
bihaan hugs her tightly.he sees her face.he wipes her tears.

bihaan:thapki I am with you always.don’t get fear.why are you feeling like this.no one can’t come between us.please don’t get tensed.
he kisses her forehead.they hugs each other.thapki gets teary eyes.bihaan asks her to smile.thapki smiles at him.bihaan hugs her again and smiles.they gets happy.(na… na… naa plays…..)

Sankara thinks how bomb comes in my bag??I kept in thapki bag.but how my bag got this??she gets confused.she says that vasu oldie slaps me in front of everyone. I will kill thapki one day.I will marry my bihaan.suddenly she gets call from some number.she attends the call.
mistry man:hello Sankara how are you???I think you are in confusion about bomb.
Sankara: (shocked and widens her eyes)how you know this???tell me.
mistry man:because of I changed that bomb from thapki bag to your bag.
Sankara gets more shocked.

Sankara:how you know this.???when did you do it???who are you??
mystery man:I am watching your every moments.he starts to tell about the bomb. fb shows Sankara keeps bomb in thapki bag.she turns and goes from there.A car driver comes to car.he takes that bomb from bag.he goes near to Sankara.Sankara keeps her bag near to tree.she takes the mobile and tries to call for thapki.he slowly comes near to her bag.he keeps that bomb and goes from there.fb ends.Sankara hears everything. she gets shocked.

Sankara:(gets angry)why are you doing like this..? who are you??
mistery man:(laughs loudly.Sankara gets irritated) my name is Mr.kabir katayal.
Sankara gets shocked.
Sankara:kabir???why are you torchuring me???I dont know who you are?
kabir:think deeply.you will catch me.but don’t try to do any evil plan to thapki and bihaan.I will save them.because of I know you are devil.already you destroyed so many things.I wont let anything wrong happend to anyone.you have to marry me.
Sankara gets angry.she gets confused.she tries to talk with him.kabir ends the call.she thinks about kabir.

the next day morning.bihaan sees thapki was combing her hairs.he sees her tummy becomes little bit big.he gets happy and smiles.thapki comes to bihaan.she sees bihaan.but bihaan still sees her stomach.thapki calls bihaan.but he sees her tummy and smiles. thapki gets angry.she keeps her hands in his shoulder.she calls his name loudly.suddenly bihaan realizes thapki was called his name.

thapki:bi….bi… bihaan what are you seeing..?
bihaan:(smiles)thapki did you see the difference now…?see your tummy becomes big.our baby is growing day by day.
thapki:(gets happy)re…re… really bihaan?
bihaan:yes thapki.now your stomach looks like big.wait.
he goes to cupboard. he takes measuring tabe.he comes to thapki.thapki looks at him.she gets confused.he comes near to thapki.
thapki:bihaan wh… wh… what you are going to do???
bihaan:I am going to measure our baby now
thapki:b…b..but how you can do this?

bihaan:hello madam I know what to do.you just stand here simply.
he holds her hands.he makes her to sit straightly.thapki looks at him.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan what are you doing.?
bihaan:ssshhhh….just stand here.don’t ask any question to me.
thapki stands in floor.
bihaan :move your hand away thapki.

thapki:wh…wh… what??
bihaan:you don’t know anything.he holds her two hands.he asks her to raise her hands away slightly.thapki takes away her hands.bihaan keeps measuring tape in her tummy.thapki looks at him.bihaan measures her tummy.he looks at thapki.he smiles at her.thapki looks at him and smiles.
bihaan:thapki our baby was grown now.

thapki:i… i… I..am so happy bihaan.I don’t have any problems because of you are always with me.
she hugs bihaan.bihaan hugs thapki.
bihaan:thapki I am having so many dreams about our baby.I am so excited.
thapki:yes bihaan.i… i… I am also waiting for that lovely movement.
they gets smiles.they hugs tightly each other.they looks at each other they have an eye lock.(ranjhanaa plays…..)

doctor checks thapki.doctor smiles to thapki and bihaan.
doctor:Mr.bihaan your baby is very healthy.so no problem for your wife and your baby.
bihaan:(gets happy)thanks doctor.
thapki looks at bihaan.she smiles.

doctor:don’t say thanks to me Mr.bihaan.thapki and baby is healthy because of you only.you are only taking more care of your wife.its 7 months for your baby.so please take care of thapki carefully.oh… sorry bihaan I don’t want to tell this to you.because of you are doing this always.
bihaan:(smiles)OK doctor.bye.
doctor smiles.he Holds thapki carefully.thapki and bihaan goes from hospital.

bihaan arranges party for thapki.he dances for thapki.thapki sits in chair.she admires bihaan.Sankara thinks to give poison to thapki.kabir comes there. he slaps Sankara hardly.she gets shocked.

thanks a lot my dear friends.seriously I am writing this ff for you only.I am so happy to read your comments.every comments are giving stamina for me.so that I am writing ff daily.thanks a lot for my all friends specially who is commenting and silent readers.love you all guys.

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