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Crazy love of thahaan (part-32)


this part is starting from shraddha calling to Sankara.Sankara attends the call.
sankara:hello di… how are you??
shraddha:I am fine and I want to talk with you.
Sankara:tell me di.
shraddha:I can’t help you hereafter.because of I am getting scared on my life.why I have to separate bihaan and thapki for you. its not my problem its your problem (Sankara gets shocked and angry).
Sankara:why are you saying like this?
shraddha:I am saying right.you are loving bihaan.but why should I spoil my life for seperating them.
Sankara: di… I am your sister.
shraddha:yes I know.but dhruv is important for me.I have to take care of him.I could not spend my time for seperating them.I am very sorry.suddenly Sankara ends the call.
shraddha:hello… hello…Sankara??
she realized Sankara ends the call.
shraddha goes to her room.Sankara gets angry.she says how to seperate thapki from bihaa???now no one is there for me to help. she gets worried.


the next day morning bihaan does workout.thapki sits on bed.she sees bihaan.she goes near to him.he does exercise. she goes closes to him.she holds his face.she views his face closely.he stops the excercise.
bihaan:thapki what are you seeing in my face.
thapki:ssshhhhh……do… do… don’t talk.she keeps his finger on his lips
she touches his eyes. he closes his eyes.
bihaan:thapki what happend for you??
thapki drag his eye lash.he gets pain. he screams.
bihaan:thapki what’s wrong with you.??I gave so many toys to you na… go and play there.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan I saw the little boy yesterday. I sees the toy eye.your eyes and face looking like that toy.
bihaan:(shocked) what?????are you saying I am toy???
thapki:yes bihaan.
bihaan thinks she was treating me like comedy man day by day.
bihaan:OK go and play there.
thapki:n… n…no I want to play with you.
bihaan:OK wait for few minutes o will come.
thapki:OK but o… o…one condition. you are the toy.I will do makeup for you.
bihaan:what.??no no I won’t come for this playing.
thapki start crying loudly.suddenly he holds her and says dont cry I will come. thapki smiles at him.he continuous his exercise.
thapki comes out from room.she goes to out side of house.she sees ram pyaari was standing there.she gets smiles.she goes near to ram pyaari.ram pyaari runs and falls into bucket of water.thapki gets worried.she goes to ram pyaari.she takes that in her hands.she sees ram pyaari gets shivering.she sees ram pyaari and gets worried. she says to ram pyaari are you getting shivering?? don’t worry.this..this thapki was there for you.i… i… i will cure your shivering.she goes to her room.
bihaan goes to washroom.she comes inside of room.she opens the almari.she searches dress for ram pyaari.later she realizes bihaan favourite shirt.she takes that shirt.she cuts in scissor. she goes to downstairs. she realize ram pyaari.she takes in her hand.she says to ram pyaari, I..I…bought shirt for you.do you like it.if you wear this you will be fine.she makes wears shirt to ram pyaari.she gets happy.
bihaan comes out from wash room.he opens the almari.he searches his favourite shirt.but hr didn’t get.he says where is my shirt is gone.thapki comes there with ram pyaari.bihaan continuous his searching.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan see what I done here.
bihaan:what you have done?(he slowly turns at her) he gets shocked. he becomes speechless.
thapki:bihaan do… do… do you like this? you know ram pyaari gets shivering. so I done this.
bihaan:(gets angry)he shouts thapki. what is this?.. why did you spoiled my shirt.its my favourite shirt.you know my mom gives this to me.
thapki gets scared and cries.

thapki:don’t shout me.i… i… i don’t know this.I checks in almari.this shirt looks so nice.so i… I…I take this for ram pyaari.
bihaan:oh… nice explanation. but I won’t accept this.
thapki:i… i… I know bihaan.you are hating me.that’s why you are scolding me always.
bihaan:what???are you mad.you are talking like child.he turns His face from her.thapki cries and goes out from room.
suddenly he recalls the doctor words.he pats on his head.he says I totally forgot this information. I have to console her.he turns and didn’t see thapki was in room.he wears another shirt.he comes out of room.he searches in all room.but he didn’t find her.he gets teary eyes.he says I done big mistake.thapki was like child and she was carrying baby.I have to find her.he comes out from house.he searches her in road.but she was not there.he gets tensed.he comes to house again. later he sees thapki was sitting near to cow.she was talking to cow.he runs to her.he hugs thapki tightly.she gets confused.but she hugs him.he sees her face.he kisses her forehead, neck,and cheeks continuously. thapki looks at him.he looks at her.(na… na… naa plays……)
bihaan:thapki I am so sorry.I done mistake. hereafter I won’t shout you.don’t go anywhere from me.he kisses her cheek again.
thapki:OK if i… i… I want excuse,you have to come for playing as toy.
bihaan:(smiles) OK.
she smiles at him.bihaan holds thapki.she goes with him.suddenly stone hits her foot.she screams.bihaan gets tensed.
bihaan:what happend to you.are you fine??
thapki:n… n…no it’s paining.(she gets teary eyes)bihaan lifts her in his arms.he enters to house.thapki looks at bihaan.he smiles at her.he walks in steps.they looks at each other (ranjhanaa plays…..)

bihaan comes to his room.he makes her lying on bed.thapki looks at him.she goes to dressing table.she takes compact powder and all makeup things.bihaan looks at her shockingly.
bihaan:what are you going to do?
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan you are a toy now.I am going to do makeup for you.he gets shocked.but he nodes at her.she takes makeup powder.she applies on his face.he looks at her.she appiles kajal in his eyes.
she says bihaan you are so… beautiful.now I am going to apply lipstick.she goes to apply lipstick.
bihaan:no don’t apply this.but thapki didn’t leave him.he holds his hands.they fights in hand.they falls on bed.they rolled together each other in bed.bihaan huged her tightly.thapki looks at him.she tries to go from him.but he didn’t leave her.

precap:thapki plays game in bihaan mobile.she sees fighting vedio and gets unconscious.

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