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Crazy love of thahaan (part-31)

Hai my dear friends…thank you so much for everyone. I am completed 30th part.because of your support only guys.thanks a lot who commenting regularly and silent readers. please silent readers do comments.I love you my friends.take care.

this part is starting from bihaan gets shocked.because of thapki suffered from fever.he gets worry.suddenly he calls the doctor.bihaan goes to kitchen.he comes with water and cloth.he keeps that cloth in water.then he keeps in her forehead.thapki opens her eyes.she sees him.she cries.bihaan gets worry at thapki.
thapki looks at bihaan.
thapki:bi.. bi…bihaan I am so afraid of injection. please don’t call doctor.i don’t want tablet and injection please…(she cries)
bihaan gets teary eyes.he hugs thapki.thapki hugs him and cries.then she seperates bihaan.he wipes her eyes.doctor comes to his room.bihaan says about thapki to him.doctor checks thapki.
doctor:(looks at bihaan)Mr.bihaan pandey.she was having high fever.she is pregnant also.you have to take care of thapki na….
bihaan gets tensed.
bihaan:doctor i notices her every moment.but yesterday she was played in rain.so she gets fever.please doctor do something to cure this.
doctor:bihaan don’t worry.I will give medicine for this.you have to give regularly to her.but one thing she has to drink only hot water.don’t give cool items.if she eat it then this fever becomes danger.because of she was carrying.
bihaan:OK doctor.I will take care of her.
doctor goes near to thapki.he takes injection and tablet from his bag.thapki gets scared.she sees bihaan shockingly.bihaan looks at her.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan I don’t want this please.tell to doctor.
bihaan:thapki you won’t get pain in this injection.I am with you know..don’t worry.
she cries a lot.she tries to run from there.he holds her tightly.doctor puts injection in her hand.she screams and cries.bihaan hugs thapki.he rubs her hand.they hugs each other.(na… na.. naa plays……)
thapki closes her eyes.she sleep while hugging bihaan.he seperates her.he gets scared.he looks at doctor.he holds her face.he says to her, thapki…are you fine..?please open your eyes.he gets shocked.
bihaan:doctor what happend to her.???
doctor:don’t worry bihaan.I will put injection for her relaxation and sleeping.she will get refresh when she was wakeup.
bihaan:thanks doctor.you saved my thapki and my baby.
he folds in hands to him.doctor smile at him.he goes from there.


shraddha gets tensed.she thinks to abort thapki baby.suman and preethi comes there.they talks about shraddha indirectly in front of her.
preethi:suman… some of them are there in this house.they are also new married couple and our thapki also new married couple.but thapki was carrying this panday nivas grandchild. but why they are not like this???
suman:because of thapki was loving bihaan.she was taking care her husband.but here some persons are there.they won’t see and take care of their family and husband.that’s why they are still like this.
preethi:you are right suman.
they laughs and goes from there.
shraddha gets angry.she recalls suman and preethi words.she thinks they are saying right.me and dhruv loving each other.but I didn’t spend time to my husband.I didnt take care of dhruv.why I done like this.she sits in sofa.she thinks about her life.she realizes the reason is Sankara.fb shows dhruv comes to shraddha for speaking to her.but she was thinks about thapki.she gets tensed.she scolds dhruv.she says to him leave me alone.dhruv gets angry and goes.fb ends.she says I won’t spoil my enjoyment and life for anyone.

bihaan comes to his room.he sees thapki was wakes up from bed.he goes to her.he checks her fever temperature.bihaan realizes she was better than before.he gets happy.he smiles at her.he hugs thapki.thapki seperates bihaan.
thapki:bihaan I…I..I want ice cream.
bihaan:no no…no ice cream for you.because you are having fever.
thapki:(she gets adamant)n…n..no bihaan I need it.bring ice cream for me.
bihaan:thapki no ice cream for you OK.
she looks at him angrily.
thapki:i… I…I will eat ice cream.you don’t want to buy for me.(she scolds him)
bihaan didn’t listen thapki.he thinks oh my god this chuk chuk gaadi is very naughty.he gets call.he goes to balcony and speaks in mobile.thapki goes silently from room.she goes to kitchen.she opens the refrigerator. she gets happy seeing ice creams. she takes ice creams.she opens and goes to eat ice cream.suddenly bihaan holds her hands.he looks at her angrily.he recalls the doctor words.
bihaan:thapki don’t eat ice cream.
thapki:I hate you.but I love ice creams.I should eat it.(she goes to eat ice cream again)
bihaan gets more angry.he shouts thapki loudly.he raises his hands towards thapki.she gets scared.ice cream falls down from her hand. she starts crying.
thapki:I don’t want you.I hate you.I want to see my parents.(cries).
bihaan:thapki…don’t say like this.I like you very much.I am your friend.
thapki:you raises your hands to slap me.I…I…don’t want you.
bihaan hugs her.thapki hugs him and cries.bihaan sees her.he kisses her forehead.he wipes her tears.he consoles thapki.then they goes to their room.

Sankara gets call from mistry person.
Sankara:hello who is speaking?
mistry man laughs loudly.she gets angry.she again asks the same
question to him.
mistry man:you don’t want to know my name.but I know you.
Sankara:what are you saying??
mistry man again laughs and ends the call.she gets angry.

thapki called bihaan for playing.
bihaan:thapki I am not interested in playing.
thapki blows so many balloons and again called him for playing.
bihaan goes to her.
thapki:bihaan I will tell the ga.. ga..game condition.I you will done any mistake you are lose.
bihaan:OK tell me.
thapki:the game is I will throw the balloons up you also have to do like that.
bihaan:OK then…???
thapki:that’s all.this is the game condition.
thapki:yes its very tough game.
bihaan thinks this chuk Chuck gaadi was torchuring me through this game.bihaaan you are awesome player.she makes you play these type of baby game.
she taken so many balloons in her hands.balloon flies.she gets happy.she laughs at balloons.bihaan takes one balloon in his hand.he looks at thapki and her cute smile.thapki gets slips suddenly.she screams. she goes to about falls down.bihaan holds her.he sees thapki face for few minutes.
thapki:leave me.I…I…want to play.
bihaan:makes her to stand on floor.
thapki plays.she smiles at bihaan.bihaan smiles at her.she throws that duppatta in floor.
bihaan looks at her.
bihaan:thapki what are you doing.
thapki:it’s… its…its disturbing while playing.so I don’t want this.
bihaan takes the duppatta.he comes to her.he makes her to wear it.she throws again.she gets angry.
thapki:I said to you na I….I…I… don’t want it now.
bihaan:o…o…OK but you have to wear this after you finished this game.
thapki agrees to him.bihaan smiles at her.

shraddha calls sankara.she says to her,I can’t help you.because I have to take care my husband.if you want bihaan you will do something.Sankara gets worries.
thapki takes bihaan favourite shirt.she cuts and makes wear to ram pyaari.bihaan searches his shirt.

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