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Chandra Nandni 9th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 9th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Chanakya says no Chandra we can’t let Avantika let go so easy, have you forgotten your teachings you are a king now how did you let emotions over come,Chandra says sorry because I did this because she did this as a faithful wife, Chanakya says no Chandra this is because you are falling for Nandini, first in takshila and now for her mother, Chandra says no acharya it was do education,Chanakya says today it was about Raj modra, Chandra you have fallen in love and it’s against your teachings, Chandra says no acharya I stay away from her and she loves maliketu,please acharya forgive me and if it’s a biggest mistake I accept whatever punishment you give,Chanakya grabs a stick and hits Chandra hand and says now tell Chandra was it painful,Chandra says no,Chanakya says Chandra when


you said Nandini loves maliektu I saw pain in your eyes and now when I’m hitting you I see no pain, do you understand this Chandra, I’m wearing you take yourself back before you fall in love with Nandini and leaves.

Chandra says acharya this is not possible,I will never love Nandini.avantika says Nandini you robbed that Royal stamp I saw you doing so,Nandini says but I didn’t,Avantika says I did this to save you,Nandini says I was in my room whole night,Avantika says Nandini things you are doing will put us all in trouble and let me tell you focus on your marital life now and about your pitahamaharaj I have always told you the image you have is false one,Nandini says ma please,Avantika says Nandini I have seen every person of mine die in front of you and now not you, don’t forget you are married to Chandra it’s a sign for you to libe a happy life ahead please understand and leaves,Nandini says but when did I steal the stamp.

Durdhara dashes helina and gets scared and shouts,helina says how dare you say I cant see, durdhara says I mean I can’t see,durdhara says it’s maliketus birthday and so I making him one mokut now since I didn’t knew earlier what are you giving,helina says I’m giving nothing,helina sees Nandini and calls her and durdhara you should rest and I and Nandini will make this for you,so Nandini since it’s maliketus birthday we will make this go durdhara rest,durdhara leaves,Nandini says sorry I can’t help,helina say sits for Chaya Nandini and durdhara will be happy and we can do this for them right,Nandini says ok and leaves.

Chandra in Sabha thinking about Chanakya making him realise he is falling for Nandini.Chanakya sees Chandra isn’t paying attention, mantri asks so is this the right decisions,Chandra says this cant happen, Chanakya says is this your final decisions,Chandra says acharya your decisions is final,Chanakya says maharaj we need your take,Chandra says I shall take a pol.chandra says so as per the majority this treaty is passed. new Raj Modra arrives, Chanakya says I shall give the responsibly of this to my student manibhadra, and I hope maharaj is fine with it,Chandra says yes. Everyone leaves,Chandra says acharya please I know you are upset but I shall find pandugan.

Helina says when a lady is in love she can never see her loved one share, helina makes marks on her hands and says Nandini will think these are by Chandra and I will take advantage and when Chandra will know you have made the mokat he will throw you out,dasi go tell maharaj I would like to see him. Nandini decorating Mukat,helina acts as if needle pricked her,Nandini sees marks and asks what are these marks,helina says these marks Chandra you know love marks, Chandra doesn’t stop once he is on and oh this needle oh sorry I can’t help you please finish this,Nandini says okay,helina leaves.helina says now let just Chandra arrive,Nandini thinks this means Chandra just likes helina and wants just her.

Helina sees Chandra,and says I know maliektu is married to birthday and is married to chaya and before I used give him but today I don’t want to participate please try and understand unlike Nandini who is busy preparing special mukat as per maliketus choices and since it doesn’t look good and news shouldn’t spread I made her sit in my room please don’t get angry,Nandini thinking about Chandra and helina spending nights together and says why cry for him when he never will be mine. Helina says she loves maliektu but he got married I tried explaining her and asked her to move on but she didn’t listen.

Pre cap : Chandra says Nandini I have told you keep away from maliektu he is married to chaya now.

Helina teases Nandini again,Nandini says look you I don’t care about you and your husband keep him for yourself,helina says how dare you talk to me in this tone,Nandini slaps her.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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