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Chandra Nandni 5th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 5th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Chandra wakes up and sees Nandinis books and says what does she keeps reading that made even acharya accept her certification,Chandra grabs her book and starts reading and says these are truly scholar books,Nandini says I can help you read,Chandra says I have read them when I was in takshila,Nandini says wow great really thank god now tell me what this schlock is I find difficult to understand it,Chandra says this one very simple, the simplest meaning is fear is understood,Nandini says but I was told it was,Chandra says its what you were told,and why do you keep reading, Nandini says I love reading I wanted to be a scholar but someone I loved most didn’t wanted me too and remembers NAND asking her not to study because of maliketu,chandra says and you still love that person,Nandini says yes


and when you will fall in love even you will sacrifice your precious thing happily.

Chandra says love makes one week,Nandini says love is strong and love is life, love is why we know what pain is and this pain is the reason I’m still alive,helina walks in with her mother and says good yo see you ever Nandini,I’m sorry for yesterday,I shouldn’t have pointed you for Chandras attack,thanks for saving my husband and he is most important person in my life now please give me chance to serve him too,Nandini says ok and leaves.helina says Chandra let me apply some medicine, ma says this is nandinis books right poor thing had to leave it for her fiancé she loved him a lot,helina says yes Nandini still loves maliketu a lot,Chandra says I don’t care, I married her for revenge,helina says and so did she,anyways would you mind if I change settings of new rooms,Chandra says you are patrani go ahead,helina says you should rest look your wound is so fresh.

Maliketu is hurt by is defeat and sees his conscience talking to him that Nandini can never be his and so will he never be magads samarat.maliektu says this is all mine, magad is mine,Nandini is mine,Chandra next time I won’t spare you. Helina to dasi I have made changes in new room, nandinis room is still to be done give her the old small one,durdhara walks in and asks why but we can give her any other room,helina says right give her the room next to maliketus room and this way she will be with Chaya as well,all ok with you durdhara,and durdhara will stay next to my room,durdhara says why me,helina says why you don’t like me,durdhara says no nothing and leaves.

Sunanda,goes to the secret room to a women and gives her food,and says I’m so happy to see you here, after so many hardship you are here, whole magad will be surprised and confused to see you just few more days stay here and I will soon take you away from here.

Nandini asks why am I brought to this room,dasi says maharani helina said.helina says I was to give the room next to Chandra but he asked me to be there as he may need me anytime as like midnight too so I hope you be comfortable here. Chandra is disturbed after helina tricking him to think that Nandini loves maliektu, Chandra sees Nandini into room next to maliektu and gets more angry and leaves,helina walks in, Chandra asks helina why did you give Nandini the room next to maliektu,helina says Nandini asked me to give her that,Nandini walks in with some books and says see I got you some books you may like it shall I read them to you,Chandra gets angry and says I don’t read such book go away with them,nandini says but,Chandra says just drop them and leave,nandini thinks why does he behave so weird and about to leave,Chandra says helina you will stay here with me in this room,helina thinks my plan worked.

Nandini says why am I so bothered after knowing that helina is going to stay with Chandra let them be together I don’t care.helina says Chandra are you upset because I gave nandini that room but think about her too,poor think she keeps crying whole night for him,after all he looks good too,Chandra says don’t feel shameful taking to me about this,helina says I know but I went through it, and maliektu and told me once Nandini tried a lot snatch maliektu from me and so maliektu Atlast went to Nandini,Chandra says helina maliektu is now married to Chaya,helina says yes I know o don’t care about maliektu for me you are everything,Chandra says I’m sleepy good night,helina leaves.chandra says have I done bad to her by marrying Nandini.

Pre cap : Chandra says to Nandini I don’t care if you still like maliektu for me I have only two wives helina and durdhara, Nandini says yes you are right for me also I have no husband.chandra gets hurt.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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