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Chandra Nandni 13th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 13th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Nandini goes to her room, mora walks in and sees Nandini crying, and asks what is it Nandini,Nandini says you here tell me what is it,mora says Nandini even yesterday I saw you crying ,Nandini thinks so she understood about me crying for Chandra,mora says Nandini and you said you had headache and later I saw you smoking and you were very happy,Nandini says I haven’t smoke ever ma, really trust me,mora says come sit did you sleep well,Nandini says he so did but why,mora says because I heard some people have sleep walking problem and they don’t remember what they do when they are in that state.


Nandini says ma I don’t have any of such thing,mora says may be that was a misunderstanding but I saw you cry, I have always taken you as my daughter and not my enemy so feel free

and share your problems,Nandini says I’m upset with Chandra, he doesn’t want me,so I thought I shouldn’t be there with him,mora says you felt bad that means you have feelings for Chandra,do you like Chandra,Nandini says no he is my fathers enemy and killed my brothers I don’t like him,mora says Nandini you are stuck in emotional crisis and so unable to come out of your confusion,on one hand you take Chandra as your enemy on other hand he is your husband whose you love.

Nandini says ma you are very caring and sweet and so I have accepted you but Chandra never,mora says love is tricky and you never know and you fall for it,and when we learn about it we are completely in loves trap,so Nandini be true to yourself tell me do you really have no feelings for Chandra,Nandini says no,mora says okay I will wait for the day to you accept what I have seen in your eyes, Chandra standing out hearing all this,mora leaves,Nandini says I will never love Chandra,Chandra walks in.

Chandra says Nandini I know why you left the celebration last night,my innocent ma thinks it’s because you love me but the truth is you couldn’t see maliketu and Chaya together. Durdhara goes to her room and says this helina is truly a black cat like a bad sign and Chandra I will prove him I’m not scared of cats,a cat comes in and Durdhara gets scared,and says oh god save me.

Nandini says yes Chandra you are right I love maliektu,and thinks you are making all these stores because you want to be only with helina,Chandra holds nandinis hand and says good you accepted it, okay then leave this mahal,Nandini says what you want me to leave,Chandra says at least Chaya and Maliektu can move ahead in their life,Nandini says yes and you can with helina,Chandra says why not she is my wife,Nandini says on one hand helina your perfect choice and other durdhara who is your childhood friend and me who you think is spoiling Chayas life,Chandra says look Nandini maliektu and Chaya are happy together,and I can’t see her upset,Nandini says and so you want me to leave,Chandra says yes,Nandini says I will leave tonight and after seeing Theo’s love marks on helinas body I don’t even wish to stay, I don’t know why but I do feel bad.

Chandra says wait,Nandini why do you do all this for maliektu,Nandini says I have lot of packing to do,Chandra says yes please leave,Nandini says its insulting for me that I’m your wife,Chandra says as a king these words don’t matter but as a husband they do,and my answer to it is,you are leaving but I’m giving you divorce and want no revenge nothing and so get out with the guests tonight out of here.and Chandra leaves,helina standing outside very happy.nanidni starts crying,helina sees her break down and is very happy.

Helina goes to her room and takes out Chandras photos and starts dancing with it,helina says I’m so happy, Nandini you snatched maliektu first and now Chandra but look I threw you out of here,now this mahal and Chandra is all mine under my rules. Nandini wakes up at night and starts walking,she goes to a room looks at its bed and is very happy and lies on it, Chaya walks in and is surprised to see Nandini,and asks what are you doing in my room,Chaya goes to pick up a glass and turns around and sees Nandini isn’t in room and says what was she doing in my room and where did she go I should talk to her.

Nandini goes to Avantika room in tears with a diya and thinks ma without informing you I’m going far away from all of you,and Chandra I know he is my enemy and the feelings I have for him are not good and didn’t have guts to share them with you so I have this letter for you and keeps letter beside er and thinks I hope Chandra is happy with helina and looks after you as he looks after mora ma. Nandini has flashes of her childhood memories with Avantika in mahal and gets very emotional,Nandini touches Avantikas feet and says I’m sorry ma. and leaves.

Nandini in her room and is remembering the time she spent with Chandra in ashram and later about him asking her to leave,Nandini says I always wanted to leave and meet pitahamaharaj and now when I can why am I upset, this is What I always wanted ,Chaya walks in and says Nandini what were you doing in my room you could why sent dasi,Nandini says no Chaya I’m in my room, I didn’t come to your room,Chaya says you were in my room on my bed,Chaya says ok and anyways I never thought you know after Satyajit I would fall for anyone but maliektu is very sweet,Nandini thinks poor Chaya I wish I could tell her truth,Chaya says I know you loved him,Nandini say schaya I never loved maliektu he is all yours now,Chaya says thank you Nandini, and where are you going,Nandini says just getting rid of something’s,Chaya says yes you should get rid of past and leaves,Nandini says I wish I could tell you I’m leaving you all and going away.

Pre cap : Nandini leaving the mahal,and is in tears. Chandra says I shouldn’t have asked her to leave so late whatever it is I should have been so rude with her.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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