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Chandra Nandni 10th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 10th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Helina very happy and dancing in joy and says I loved the way Chandra saw Nandini due the misunderstanding I created,helina writes a letter in name of maliektu by Nandini and writes maliektu I miss you, I can’t live without you, this life we can’t be one but I wish the next seven lives we are together but I will pray that by your next birthday we are together your Nandini,and says now with Mukut this letter will add more fire in Chandras heart and Nandini out.


Chaya and everyone present at maliketus birthday celebrations, the Mukut is been brought,Chaya about to give it,Chandra says wait Chaya I think this Mukut Nandini should Hand over to maliektu as she has worked hard on it and wispers to Nandini happy right now go give your lover the sign of your love, mora says Nandini come

step forward,helina says here take it Nandini, Nandini disheartened puts the mukut on maliketus head,maliketu thinks this means Nandini still loves me,helina says Nandini since you brought these sweets you will give them to maliektu here,Nandini gives maliketu sweets,helina has hidden the letter in it,helina calls Chandra to give maliektu sweets.

Chandra picks one laddu and gives it to Maliektu, helina purposely drops it,Chandra sees nandinis name on letter and picks it up slowly and hides it and leaves,helina smiles.chandra goes aside and reads it and gets very angry, Chandra holds helinas hand says you are so sweet and I’m so happy to have you in my life,Nandini sees it and gets very angry,Chandra says helina from today all this is yours even I’m yours,you are the one who will have full right over me and leaves.
Nandini starts crying and leaves,Chandra stops her,Nandini remembers his words and gets very angry,Chandra remembers about the letter and holds her hand and says how far will you cross the limits, do you love maliketu to this extend that you made a mukut for him,Nandini says you said only helina is yours so go and ask her these questions why do you care about me,Nandini thinks why am I talking this way like I can’t share him and says Chandra helina must be waiting for you don’t waste your time with me,Chandra says yes I’m going to her and stay away from maliektu and leaves.

Nandini says why is this happening to me,what is this feeling,Why I feel so insecured about Chandra,maliektu walks in nandinis room and holds her, Nandini says leave me,maliektu say is know you love me,Nandini says I don’t leave me alone,I love Chandra so don’t come close to me,maliketu says what you love Chandra now I will see how you come close to him,Nandini says leave me and get out,maliektu says I’m leaving now and come back with an answer,Nandini says what did I say have I really fallen for Chandra.

Helina happy about Chandras words,Chandra walks and says helina from today you will stay with me,you are ruiling queen too so you don’t need to stay away from me,helina says Chandra I love you a lot, I want a place in your heart, in your life,why don’t you let me close to you,I want to be your wife in true sense and hugs him,Chandra holds her hand and says if this is so this will happen , dasi walks in and says acharya would like to see you maharaj,Chandra says helina some time more and soon we will be husband and wife in true sense as you want it to be.

Chanakya very angry and disturbed, he says Chandra your life is in danger,Chandra says but we shouldn’t be scared about nand now,Chanakya says it’s someone else too, according to information nand had not attacked you in way back from ashram,and he knew about you going there without security and so it’s from mahal,Chandra says ones we know who it is I won’t spare him,Chanakya says Chandra a king has enemy hidden in and out even in closest of people and so you need to be careful.

Nandini wakes up and walks, helina sees her in corridor and walks to her and says Nandini haven’t slept yet, I was asleep but Chandra he doesn’t let me sleep, you must have understood what I mean, he sent a dasi to call me to spend night with me and all this is so nice,Nandini says you fool stop it, and holds her hand hard and says stay close to Chandra every night all night I don’t care,helina say show dare you take to me in this tone I’m ruiling queen here, Nandini slaps helina.

Pre cap : Chandra walks hand in hand with helina and asks Nandini to decorate their bed , and later Chandra closes the door on her face.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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