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BrahmaRakshas 7th January 2017 Written Episode Update

BrahmaRakshas 7th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Sudha continues telling her painful story to Naina. She tells Mohini ordered her to plead for life, but she did not, so Mohini has kept her here. Naina says her dear does not betrayed her, even then she is alive still. Sudha says yes she is alive because she is hopeful to get out of here soon. Naina asks how will she go out. Sudha says her son will get her out. Naina asks who is her son. Sudha says Rishab. Naina is shocked.


Rishab consoles Mohini and asks her not to cry, he will confront anyone who troubles her even if it is dad. He walks angrily. Mohini acts and asks Raina to stop her. Raina goes behind Rishab. Mohini laughs that she is a good actor.

Kiara gets drinks for Nalin. Nalin says Rishab brought her back then. Kiara says yes. Nalin yells Mohini has

gathered a lot of garbage/Naina at home. Kiara asks why don’t he throw garbage out then. He says he is finding dustbin to dump garbage. Phuli hears their conversation.

Raina draws Kanakaraj and Brahmarakshas’ sketch and thinks Kanakaraj captured Brahmarakshas many times, but did not kill him. She is shocked to see Kanakaraj with Brahmarakshas. He fooled her to get Sanjeevani boti for Brahmarakshas, god what is happening, whom to trust she does not know. Rishab enters. Raina asks if he is fine. He says yes. She says she was thinking about Kanakaraj. He asks if he can come in. She says yes. He says he wanted to talk to dad, but Phuli and Shivam are here. Raina says he should not speak now. Rishab says he does not care about people and just cares about mom. Raina says if people hear that mom is tortured by dad, mom will feel embarrassed. They change topic to Brahmarakshas and Rishab says how to kill Brahmarakshas, he is immortal. Raina says no one in the world is immortal, they just need to find out right way. She asks him to think about her before taking any decision. He says yes and promises her.

Mohini takes medicines to Shivam’s room and asks how is he now. He says yes. She gives him medicine and water and asks what he has planned. He asks why she is worried about him, if she is not happy with her new bahu Kiara, oh yes she loves Raina much. Mohini warns not to speak much, else nobody can save him from her. Phuli knocks door and enters and thanks Mohini for helping Shivam. Mohini says she had to, else he would have gone somewhere else. Phuli asks what… Mohini says they al would have felt bad. Shivam says he has come here for Raina. Phuli asks what. Shivam says he means to protect Raina from miscreants. Phuli says let us go home. Shivam says he will stay here. Phuli insists they will go home and walks out. Mohini taunts Shivam if he needs more help, he can seek. He throws medicine from his hand and thinks he does not need anyone’s help and will do whatever he has to himself.

Shivam wakes up at midnight and walks to Raina’s room, sleeps next to her and is about to kiss her when Rishab enters and pulls him out and hits him. Whole family gathers. Rishab continues kicking Shivam. Yug and Ved hold him. He says why was he trying to kiss Raina. Kiara starts drama and shouts Raina and Shivam are having an affair, why is Rishab interfering. Daadi says shut up. Nalin says Kiara is right. Kiara asks Raina why did she keep quiet when Shivam entered her room. Raina says she was asleep. Kiara continues her drama. Mitali sees Shivam turning into Brahmarakshas and shows it to Ved. Shivam’s body falls down and Brahmarakshas comes out. Ved informs Rishab and whole family. Brahmarakshas stamps his foot on floor and floor cracks. He shouts he will not spare Raina. Mohini asks Yug to save Raina while she goes to her room and controls Brahmarakshas. roof starts falling. Naina panics and tells Sudha it is an earthquake. Sudha says Brahmarakshas has come. Naina says why is Mohini not controlling Brahmarakshas. Sudha says it must be Mohini’s trick. Phuli tries to run towards Shivam’s body. Raina and Rishab hold her. Mohini gets her locket from room and holding it orders Brahmarakshas to go out. He shouts he will not. She says she did not call him, so he should go. Brahmarakshas says no and tries to attack Raina. Mohini comes and orders to go back. Brahmarakshas walks out shouting betrayal… Villagers panic seeing Brahmarakshas and request pakhandi baba to do some thing. v comes in front of Pakhandia and is about to kill him when Mohini orders Brahmarakshas again to return back to jungle. Brahmarakshas turnsback. Villagers praise Pakhandi that Brahmarakshas heard his order and he is very great. Brahmarakshas spits fire on hut and burns it. Villagers ask Pakhandi to do something now. He nervously says yes…

Phuli cries seeing Shivam’s dead body. Daadi says even she was shocked when her son and daughter in law died. She thought her grandchildren will come and hug him, she was expecting a granddaughter and was eager to hear good news, but she saw 2 dead bodies of her son and bahu Ashish and Sudha. She tells Phuli there is no bigger curse for a mother than seeing her children’s dead body. Mitali says she did not see daadi so emotional. Daadi says Phuli she is lucky that she can see her son’s face, but she could not see her son’s face at all. Mohini asks her daadi to calm down. Phuli says how can god be so merciless, every mother wants her son to perform her last rights, who will perform her last rights. She shouts at Shivam to open her eyes. Everyone sadly watch her. Phuli continues crying that her son wanted to save villagers, but could not save himself. Villagers enter with pakhandi. Pakhandi shouts it is all because of these haveli people. Brahmarakshas comes behind them and kills villagers. Raina says what is he telling. Phuli shouts he is right. Shivam fought and took risk to save Raina and haveli people. She shouts Mohini’s friend Apu became Brahmarakshas and killed so many people and curses that whole haveli people will die. She takes oath that she will perform her son’s last rights but will not immerse his ashes until whole haveli people die.

Raina leans on Daadi’s lap and says she did not see her so emotional. Daadi pampers her. Raina says she wants to meet Phuli, but does not have courage to face her. Rishab enters and takes Raina with him to meet Phuli.

Mohini thinks she has to wait till puran maasi to meet her goal and whoever comes in her way will have to die like Shivam. She reminisces Kanakaraj informing her that Shivam knows about their plan and she has to do something. She takes out Brahmarakshas locket and orders him to follow Shivam and make him run until he gets tired completely and then he should kill Shivam. Brahmarakshas lifts Shivam in air and then kills him. She then praises herself that she fought all her battles alone, she cannot trust Kanakaraj or her fool son. After puran maasi, she will become most powerful.

Rishab and Raina reach outside Phuli’s house and see her morning and looking at Shivam’s dead body. Villagers carry dead body and Phuli walk holding fire pot.

Precap: Naina breaks wall. Raina says Naina is controlling Brahmarakshas, she needs to be punished. Mohini forces burning coal into Sudha’s mouth. Raina injures Brahmarakshas with trishul. She then gets injured Sudha home. Daadi is shocked to see her and tells she is Rishab’s mother. Rishab is shocked to hear that.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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