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Bigg Boss Unfair To Rohan?

I was shocked to hear that Rohan will be nominated every week! I couldn’t believe Bigg Boss, would ever be unfair to someone. I know it is not allowed to hit anyone in the house, but still, he is Swami Om! He started it first! Bigg Boss was finding hard to get TRP! That’s why they have putten Swami in the house! I have seen many episodes where Swami blackmails everyone and talks about their family, why didn’t bigg boss throw him out that time! Bigg Boss did take a stand when he throwed his urine on Rohan and Bani! Why didn’t Bigg Boss threw him out earlier! When no one is voting for him then why was he still in the house? Just to make people watch this show? Yes, this is bigg boss’s worst season because of Swami Om, if he got kicked out earlier, it would be better. I feel sad for the housemates, just for TRP, they made their housemates suffer! Rohan is innocent, he shouldn’t be punished. Even Manveer and Manu do this stuff to Swami, but bigg boss didn’t take a stand! Then why to Rohan! All Rohan Mehra, fans lashed out bigg boss for punishing Rohan.

Tell me your opinion, but please don’t judge my opinion! If you are a fan of Rohan then please do vote for him, he needs us at this time, let’s show our love for him, today before writing this, I voted for him 120 times!


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Post – #RohanIsInnocent #RohanNeedsJustice

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