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Bhardavi and Shatkirti

After 14 years, after Ram rajyabhishek, Urmila is painting a scene of family , Lakshman says – it’s beautiful. Urmila says – Saumitr, I will gift it to pitaji.
Bharat says – it will be a nice gift
Shatrughn says – Lakshman bhaiya loves bow and arrow and bhabhi loves, brush, colour and texts.
Urmila says – you are right
Shrutakirti says – but where is Mandavi didi
Lakshman says – he has gone to temple with Sita didi
Shrutakirti whispers – today, is her birthday
Urmila says – but Jijaji knows this
Lakshman says – yes, but why is he so calm
Shatrughn says – she must have planned something special
Bharat says – what is the discussion going on
Lakshman says – nothing, it’s fine

Ram comes. He says – Lakshman, Urmila. Lakshman says – yes, bhaiya
Ram says you both will go to all temples in Ayodhya and do charity, I and Sita are going for a vanvihar as Sita wishes it, Bharat, look after Ayodhya along with Shatrughn
It’s evening, Shatrughn Shrutakirti, are making preparing for the party
He says – is everything ready
She says – no, I have to adjust the flowers
She adjusts but was about to fall when Shatrughn holds her. They share an eye lock. Shatrughn – be careful, Shrutakirti. She says -Ripudaman, if you are with me, there is no need to worry. They blush.


Bhardavi are in their room. He thinks – Mandavi must be thinking about the gift. She thinks – what must be his gift
At night time, entire family arrives as planned.
Everyone gifts. Mandavi enters the room. Bharat says – sit on the couch, he makes her wear a floral jewelry. She says – you have made it. He says – yes. Their siblings enter. Shrutakirti says – this was the rahasya behind gift
Shatrughn says – oh, that’s why, bhaiya was in garden
Urmila says – chhupe rustam hai ap dono
Lakshman says – main nahi janta tha ki sidhe sadhe bhaiya meri tarah romantic ho sake hai
The brothers and sisters started chasing each other

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