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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 11th January 2017 Written Episode Update


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 11th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in


The Episode starts with Rajni force feeding food in Surli’s mouth while Kant family helps her and holds Surli. Amrish says now it is time for kerela/bittergourd soup. Surili refuses to drink. Rajni makes her drink it. Shaguta feels bad. Surili drinks it. Rajni says now medicine time. Surili says I will take medicine by myself, and takes tablet eyeing Rajni angrily. Amrish says well done. Rajni thanks her for taking tablet. Surili says you people haven’t done right with me, this is injustice. Amrish says she is taking care of you. Shaguta says it is just a matter of 6 months and then Shaan will get divorce and we will get rid of this girl. Rajni says tomorrow I will get you Vitamin D, and says thank you. Amrish and Sharmila laughs.

Surili thinks I won’t leave you. She tells

Shaan, if he saw how Rajni tortured her. Shaan says I am sorry, but Rajni is right this time. Surili says my Vibhisham has spoken and took his wife side. Shaan says she is doing this for your health. Surili says she made my body as Ayurvedic centre. Shaan says you have to do this, as I don’t want to lose you. Surili says now I want to sleep, just go. Shaan kisses on her forehead and goes. Surili thinks to eat sleeping pills and sleep. She takes 2-4 tablets and thinks she will not wake up in the morning now, and will wake up only in the afternoon. She sleeps. Amrish wakes up and thinks where is bengalan and the bed. He finds room without bed.

Rajni is seen standing and Surili is sleeping on bed in the park. Some kids are playing cricket there. Surili wakes up. Rajni tells her good morning. Boy asks Surili to give ball. Surili asks what you are doing in my room. She wakes up fully and finds herself in the park as Rajni planned to give her natural Vitamin D/sunlight. Surili asks how did you bring me here. Rajni recalls bringing bed while keeping on her head and smiles. Surili asks her to tell. Rajni says that is not important, but you needed Vitamin D which you got from Sunlight. Surili is shocked. Rajni says you have to walk now and asks her to walk. Surili says I am sleeping and tells Rajni to take her back. Rajni says I am going back home by walk and says good bye. Surili gets up and says I am also coming.

Surili writhes in pain. Maggie massages her head. Rajni comes. Shaguta asks why did you kept bed in park and made mum run so much. Rajni says she needed it all. Shaan comes and asks Shaguta not to interfere as Surili needs to be fine. Rajni shows the new chart for Surili. Surili reads the chart and asks if this is my new routine. Rajni says yes. Surili tears the chart and says it is over. RAM says we have 100 more copies. Surili couldn’t tear all. Rajni says I have to make strategy to make your exercises interesting and asks RAM to come. Amrish gets happy and asks Surili to get well soon. He dances with Maggie, Sharmila and Shaan.. Surili thinks Rajni have crossed the limits and says I will ruin your routine…Rajni. Sharmila asks Surili to take some breakfast from her plate if she don’t like Rajni’s diet breakfast.

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