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Baatein yeh kabhi na bhoolna…. (pt 1)

Let’s begin…

SW: chotu don’t u have school….
Rag: arey sw he has some govt holiday..
Adi: ha di… And today i have more work as reporter aditya
Swarag: wat…???
Adi: so as shona di vl only sameer
SW: Adi..
Adi: i mean…. Leave it so Ms. Ragini gadodia i have a question with you..
Rag; ji reporter Aditya ji…
Adi: wat type of guy u want as a life partner…

Rag: chotu in this situation u r asking this… See swara
SW: no rag u should say as we vl also get to know…
Rag: ok
Adi: so…ms. Ragini wat type of guy u want as a life partner he forwards the comb as mike
Rag smiles

Rag: i want a guy who… Hmm

Her a guy is shown coming out of the airport.. His smiles his face is not revealed

Rag: who should love everyone
Adi; even other girls tooo
Rag glâres him
SW smiles

Here guy sees a kid who is begging he goes to the kid
Boy: champ wat’s ur name
Boy: so akash don’t u have school today
Kid:i don’t go school
Boy: why

Kid: i. Don’t have father… My mom is Ill she should be treated i don’t have enough money and if i go to school who vl take care of my mother
Boy. feels bad
Boy smiles: ok come with me
Akash: bhaiyya…
Boy smiles: to admit you to school
Akash: bt bhaiyya… Can i call you that

Boy smiles: why not.. And you should obey your bhaiyya
Akash smiles…
A lady and a man were seeing him smilingly they follows him

Rag: he should care for everyone
SW: including you
Adi: i too agree…

Here the guy is shown admitting the kid to one of the biggest school and he talks to one of the best doctor to treat his mother and he appoints a nurse to take care of kid mother as kids mother has some severe disease…

Rag: he should be something different
Adi: ur wish will not fulfilled
SW: why
Adi: nobody like him will be existed
SW: he will be existed for my laado
Adi: wat if he is not good looking
Rag smiles: of he is ugly also…i have no complaints…

Here akash: calls that boy when he was abt to go
Akash: u r going
Boy turns his face is revealed( bataun.. Jaldi kisko hai..???)

Boy: yes.. Bt i will promise you i will come to meet you every week
Akash: wat is your name bhaiyya
Boy: Rohan…
Lady and man leaves from there
He takes leave from there…

Rag: he should respect elders

Here the Rohan enters mansion no no i must say palace…
There same lady and man were present
Lady: ab usko hume Milne ka time mila hai
Rohan: mom
Man: be beta we r proud of u
Rohan: proud
Man: we followed u
Rohan smiles
(Man and lady buisiness man jai malhotra and gauri malhotra. is his parents played by hithein tejwani and gauri)
Rohan his them mom dad i missed u
We too missed you lot beta…

Gau:i don’t know how to say
Rohan: mom ur wish is my command
Gau smile: i selected a girl for you.. Will u marry.. Her… Ur choice is depended if you love anyone u can day
Rooh: mom i vl marry the girl whom you choose… And i don’t have… The other one
He winks
They smiles….

Rag: ab Sab kya mein hi bataun.. Ab swara
Swa: mein
Adi: ha di sameer ke baare mein
SW: sameer
Adi rag: chotà chaddi pehnta tha badi shàraarath Karta tha lolipop Kaatha tha…
SW glâres them
They both laughs
SW: i won’t say

Rag adi: sorry sorry
SW: hmm… (Dreamily) sameer he is the guy i would never find someone like him
Adi: why is he mad mental…
SW glâres him

Here the guy is shown sitting in the middle of old people

SW: he loves to make everyone happy

He sings the song for old people they were enjoying

SW: he is lovd by everyone

Here the old people’s blessed him

SW: he daily goes to one of the ngo of old people to make them happy jst bcs their kids ditched them… So he goes there as their kid

Here a old people’s has tears by his care
Old woman: sameer beta u are really a good gift to us
Sameer no u r good gift to me
They hugs him…
Old woman: hope u get a good life partner
Sameer smiles:i got
All: wat??u married didn’t invite us…
See we vl complaint to….
Sameer: no no don’t complain to him… And im not married i mean i love a girl…
All: when vl u make her meet
Sameer: soon
All: wat is her name
Sameer: swara

His face is revealed…( Bt i won’t say… Now u ppl vl definitely throw stones on me?????so guess guess)

SW: bass itna hi…
Rag: arey di…
SW leaves
Adi: wat vl v do to set the matter of shona di
Rag: don’t know…

These all listened by Shekjan they were shocked….

Malhotra mansion
Rohan: mom… Dad…i vl come now… As i gave to set someone(determinedly)
He goes
Gau: wat vl happen now to him…
Jai: don’t worry nthng vl happen…

Here Rohan goes in the car… He comes to the same ñgo
While sameer was in his car they both were abt to dash bt stops… They both sees each other as angry birds… As they want to kill each other

They both comes out of the car

Rohan sees sameer from bottom to top(guys who it would be… Suspense over…..played by….. Should i tell… OK..
Played by param Singh)

Now sameer sees Rohan from top to bottom(guys he is played by my favourite pàrth samthan)
They both passes glâres….

Precap: samhan???

Guys sorry for those who wanted this ff to be RAGLAK RAGSAN SWASAN SWALAK
Hope u all like this ff… If not then comment i vl discontinue it….
And i will upload this ff on Saturday

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