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Baatein yeh kabhi na bhoolna…. (intro and pt 1)

Let’s begin with my new ff intro and chap one…

A boy around the age of 13 was searching someone in the whole house then he goes to terrace and sees 2 girls standing their back was faced to him…

Boy: shona do… Raagu di…u both are here i searched u everywhere…

They both turns and they are revealed to be swaragini
Swa: wat hpnd chotu?
Rag: any breaking news reporter Adi urf chotu
Adi; ha… The news is….i heard mom dad talking abt
Swarag: abt
Adi smiles: u both marriage… Marriage Alliance came for u both…
Swarag: wat???
Rag: swa wat vl u do now…
Adi: are u hiding something with it brthr
Rag: swara…u told me half and im confused plzz say…
Adi: for now headlines bcs… Hitler yahan ghoom raha hai
Rag: chotu…
Adi: sorry dad is roaming here and there…
Swarag smiles
SW: headlines is sameer proposed me…
Rag adi: wat????
SW: yes
Adi: wat u replied?
SW:i too said i love you too….
Ragadi both are shocked…
They hear a foot step its shekar

Shek:u 3 here
Swaragadi smiles faintly…
Shek: its nice..i came to talk to u swarag
Janki comes…
Janki: we selected boys for u…
Swarag looks at eachother shocked…
Shekar: they vl come…i mean swara they select u in ur photo itself… And ragu for u they vl come to see u this Sunday…
Swarag: wat???
Janki: wat?? And swara… And boy family will come next week as they are busy
They goes….
SW: ab mein sameer se kya kahoon…
Rag; mein kya karoon
Adi: ragu di whyr u tensed… As want arranged marriage right…
Rag: ya… It’s very nice… From childhood i wanted to arrange marriage….
SW: bt me love marriage… Now
Adi: don’t worry… Vl see when they vl come to see u….

Precap: boys entry

Guys… In this fan fiction… There will be other heroes …i choosed bt i want ur suggestion… And i vl give importance to both swaragini…. If it’s boring i will discontinue it….

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