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are you my love? |ishveer| kaira| vikor| part 17!

the episode starts with ishita getting dressed. ishaani enters.

ishaani: wow maa! you look so pretty.
ishita: stop buttering me ish..


they laugh.

ishaani: isn’t it amazing? how ranveer’s maa and you were bffs?
ishita: yes, it feel amazing meeting her too.

vivaan enters.

vivaan: come on mama! i’ll drop you.
ishita: ishaani, don’t leave mishti alone, be with her and spend time with her..
ishaani: okay okay mama, i’m her mother..
ishita: that’s why i’m scared..

they laugh. ishita leaves.

the scene shift to the party.

karthik: come on naira..

they go on to dance. they dance on the song soch na sake..

the scene shift to ranveer’s house.

ishita goes to their house and knocks on the door.
shagun opens the door and gets happy.

shagun: wow ishita! you came, i was looking forward to you, come on in.

ishita comes in.

ishita: it’s so nice to see you shagun!

they hug.

shagun: it’s been ages, and we have finally met. would you like something to drink?
ishita: yes..please, if it doesn’t cause too much trouble.
shagun: oh please ishu..i love taking care of my friends..wait let me call mani.

shagun calls mani to come downstairs and goes to get a drink. mani comes down.

mani: oh ishita!

he smiles and hug her.

ishita: it’s really nice to meet you mani
mani: oh god, you still look the same.

they laugh.
shagun comes with a juice.

shagun: here ishu..
ishita: thanks shagun..

she starts drinking. shagun sits beside her.

shagun: raman should have comes too.
ishita: but he’s busy with work, i’ll call him and ask him to come at night.
shagun: yay! that will be fun.
mani: talking about work, i need to leave too..

the scene shift to the party.

karthik: naira, i didn’t know you were a very good dancer!
naira: thank you si..i mean..ka..r…thik. you too.

they laugh.

karthik: i’m going to have a drink. how about you?
naira: no..i don’t drink alcohol, it makes me dizzy and I get very ill
karthik: atleast some juice?
naira: okay, i will tell the waitor.
karthik: no let me do that.
naira: no me..please i’ll order what i want.
karthik: do what ever you want!

karthik leaves and naira smiles. she calls the waitor.

waitor: what do you want madam?

suddenly naira gets a call.

naira: a drink please.

she answers the call.

akshara: naira when are you coming..
naira: soon maa.

while naira is calling,waitor stands there confused. he think he should ask naira.

waitor: excuse me madam..

naira is busy with her call.

naira: just get me a drink!
waitor: but what?
naira(irritated): anything I don’t care…I don’t care if it’s alcohol just get me anything..can’t you see I’m busy?

waitor apologize and leaves. naira gets busy with her call.

akshara: who were you shouting at naira? i hope everything is fine..
naira: nahi mama it was nothing..anyway i will leave in one hour..
akshara: don’t be late naira..
naira: yes.

naira ends the call. waitor comes and serves her alcohol.

naira: where’s sir? i must let him know that I need to leave..

she looks for karthik and drinks alcohol without noticing.

naira(thinks): why is this juice so strong? let me check..

she drinks again. she drinks the whole glass..

she is half drunk now.

naira: waitor! waitor! please bring some of this..yummy!

waitor brings more. she drinks all.

she faints. karthik sees it and gets shocked.

precap: ishveer scenes. karthik thinking what to do with naira, whether to take her home or not.


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