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are you my love? |ishveer| kaira| part 18

the episode starts with karthik getting shocked seeing naira.

he goes to naira and sprinkles some water on her.


karthik: naira..naira..wake up..please.

naira scrunch her eyes, she slowly opens her eyes and smiles seeing karthik.

naira: i’m woken up sir…come on let’s dance..come on

she gets up and plays a song on her phone.

karthik: what has she done to herself…?

he calls the waitor. the waitor comes.

karthik: what did you do to her?
waitor: sir, she asked for some juice..and..
karthik: and..? speak up
waitor tells the story

karthik: oh **** now what am i going to do?

naira is dancing with some other guy. karthik goes to her and holds her.

karthik: naira come on let’s go?
naira: no..no..come on lets dance baby..

karthik gets startled.

karthik (thinks): oh god she is really drunk. what shall I do? oh god!

naira: you don’t want to dance? no no..come come..

karthik holds her hand and drag her outside.

naira: come on I want to go inside..come on..let’s go!!!

naira hits karthik playfully.

karthik (thinks): what shall I do now? she said she gets very ill when she is drunk but..oh I better take her to a room.

karthik calls and books a room. karthik takes naira into the room, still struggling.

naira: oooohhh wow! why is there a room sir? you want to sleep come on come..
karthik: naira, listen

naira doesn’t listen. She sits on the bed.
She suddenly feels dizzy.

karthik: naira..naira..are you okay?
naira: whole world is spinning..i feel sick..bathroom…
karthik: OH GOD! bathroom is this way.

naira goes into the bathroom. karthik waits for her outside.

karthik(thinks): how the heck am I supposed to look after her..

naira comes out. she looks very pale.

karthik: naira..come sleep here ..

naira nods, still feeling dizzy.

karthik puts naira into the bed. naira sleeps.

karthik: should I call her parents?

karthik takes naira’s phone and search for her contacts. He find a contact called ‘maa’ karthik calls.

akshara: hello naira? did you leave?
karthik: actually aunty, don’t panik. I’m karthik, her boss. actually at today’s party naira..
akshara: hello karthik..please tell me what happened with naira? is she okay?
karthik: actually she got drunk..

akshara gets shocked.

akshara: drunk?
karthik: yes, she has said that she cannot have alcohol as she will be very sick, but she has drinked it unknownigly.
akshara: oh my! where is she now karthik?
karthik: actually she was very sick, she is sleeping now. I booked her a room. Um..what can I do?
akshara: oh karthik thank you for looking after her! but please look after untill We come there..we will be there quick.
karthik: okay aunty. sure.

karthik ends call and sits near naira. he stares at her. he smiles.

karthik (thinks): crazy girl, god knows how she will react tommorow..when she can’t even remember what happened today!

he smiles. yeh rishta kya kehlata hai plays..

the scene shift to ishaani’s house.

ishaani: oh mishti enough now dear, i already read you 5 books.
mishti: one more maa..please..
ishaani: hmm go on then bring it..

mishti goes to bring a book. ishaani checks her phone she has got more than 50 msgs from ranveer.

ishaani: oh god! this many messages? any trouble?

‘where are you?’
‘answer me’
‘ishaani are you okay?’
‘can you remember me?’
(all the messages were like that)

ishaani: ha ha. let me reply to them.

suddenly mishti comes there with her book.

mishti: maa, can you read-

she sees ishaani smiling and texting ranveer.

mishti(thinks): mama is talking to ranveer uncle i think…

she goes near ishaani.

ishaani: oh mishti. sorry beta, where’s the book?
mishti: no you have a rest..and text with ranveer.
ishaani: no no..i will read it dear.

mishti leaves.

ishaani: wait mishu..
mishti: I need to watch TV maa.
ishaani: only 30 mins..
mishti: okay okay.

ishaani calls ranveer.

ranveer: where were you ishaani? i was so worried..
ishaani: sorry ranveer. i was with mishti..
ranveer: no time for me now..no?
ishaani: no ranveer, here listen. there was no one to look after her..
ranveer: hmm..
ishaani: my maa is still there right?
ranveer: yes, ishita aunty’s still chatting, they are talking about our marriage..
ishaani: marriage?
ranveer: yes, why are you not excited?

ishaani laughs.

ishaani: yes..but I don’t want big big functions ranveer, i already had a big wedding, but I didn’t like it..
ranveer: hey hey! we’ll discuss that later, now tell me what’s going on in your life?
ishaani: nothing much..how about you?
ranveer: ishaani are you okay? where’s all your romantic ‘talks’ today?
ishaani: huh?! what do you mean?
ranveer: I’ll tell you what can we tommorow?
ishaani: okay.

ranveer ends call. he thinks what has happened to ishaani.

the scene shift to the party.

naira coughs, and suddenly want to get up.

naira: water..

karthik gets her water.

karthik: naira, relax, it’s okay..your mother will be here soon..
naira: maa?
karthik: yes, it’s a long story.. don’t stress yourself..okay i’ll explain everything later..just sleep.
naira: are you sure? are you going to leave me?
karthik: no..i will be right here, next to you okay? trust me..please rest now.

naira nods and close her eyes.

the scene shift to ishaani’s house.

mishti: when are you going to have your wedding?
ishaani: what?
mishti: wedding with ranveer uncle?
ishaani: mishti..is that what you should think of now..study beta..
mishti: mama, should I call him papa or dad or…ranveer uncle.

ishaani laughs.

ishaani: he won’t mind, call him anything..
mishti: Mama..where’s my papa?
ishaani: what?
mishti: My real papa?

ishaani looks away.

mishti: why is everybody ignoring me? please somebody answer me..
ishaani: why suddenly about papa mish?
mishti: actually, today I had to write about papa, I didn’t know anything..so I just wrote on ranveer uncle, pretending he is my papa..

ishaani gets tears in her eyes.

mishti: I can call him papa right? will he be a good papa?

suddenly someone answers.

man: yes he will.

ishaani and mishti turns it’s ranveer.

ishaani: ranveer…
mishti: ranveer uncle?
ranveer: nahi mishti, not uncle..papa…

mishti smiles.

mishti: p..pa..papa.

they laugh.

ishaani: why did you come here suddenly?
ranveer: why you don’t want me, you are my wife..so I can come when ever I want..

ishveer laughs.

ishaani: or..because you wanted to eat my food?
ranveer: no..why would I come to eat your food? If I eat your food, I will end up in the Bathroom.
ishaani: hey hey dude? are you insulting my food..
mishti: STOP STOP STOP! mama..

mishti turns to ishaani.

mishti: he came here to meet you…papa,

he turns to ranveer.

ranveer: papa, you are right..mama’s food iss….

she pretends to be sick..

ishaani: very bad mishti, very bad..

ranveer picks mishti and runs.

ishaani: HEY!! i’m coming…

they laugh.

precap: raman enters ishaani’s house, akshara comes to get naira.
ishaani talking with naira.


hello guys! i added both ishveer and kaira scenes today..
so how was it..KEEP RATING OUT OF 10!

guys your suggestion do matter, please comment suggestions…
Thank you guys for your support!!!

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