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Annika.. Ya.. Paanika??? Episode 1

Hello everyone, I’m Shubha…I have been reading this fanfiction for the past few months and finally decided to write one myself…Please encourage me with your comments-be it good or bad….Let’s start….

Annika’s POV:


Finally after 2 months.. wait let’s say 6 months I’m enjoying the rain. Watching it fall from the sky on me, drenching me, cooling me.Getting wet in the rain is an enriching experience. I totally understand Bollywood heroines dancing in the rain now. Only , my reason is not ishqbaazi. Nor was it ever. Shivaay Singh Oberoi spread so much raitha in my life that I gave out my self-respect, pride to him for free. Never again. Not Annika Shivaay Singh Oberoi, its Annika returning back to decide my own fate and my own life.

And for the first time, the owner of a house which had a roof that had no leak. His words “ A moment is enough to change your entire world.” Looped in my mind. God had done the same thing to me.Whether it was right, only time would tell. For the first time, life seeped back to me. For the first time my smile ran deep. For a moment, the downpour increased, the heavenly powers concurring.

How is it everyone?

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