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Anika past part 2

Anika past part 2

So finally shivomru reach the room after turning the main light switch on just to find that Anika was lying unconscious in the floor with her face sweating..


Shivay tried to wake her up..Splash water on her face..But no effect.. Finally he took her in his arms on calling the doc and put her gently on the bed…Priyanka Soumya also reach there..Both shocked seeing Anika in such condition..

Doctor comes and checks Anika..
He gives her an injection

Doc what has actually happened ?

Shivay actually she is afraid of darkness and she was left in a dark room for sometime

Doc she has got an anxiety attack…I have given her injection and give her these medicines too..She will wake up soon…

Everyone there is shocked and glancing at each other..

He then asks how are they related to her…

Shivay I am her husband.

Doc is there any problem she is going through.. Because such attacks in this age are not normal..Any bad experience she has gone through..do u know why is she afraid of darkness?

Shivay no..

Doctor then you should try to find the reason behind this fear.. Because it can be harmful if she gets such attacks again..

Shivay what should we do plz tell..We will do everything possible..

Doc keep her happy..Give her proper food and make sure she gets proper sleep..Try to keep her happy and find if there is any thing bothering her..Any bad memory about which she is scared..And if there is a problem consult a psychiatrist..

Shivay why a psychiatrist

Doc calm down Mr Oberoi..I am suggesting an option..All I want is that u should ask her to share her worries with u..If she doesn’t share her worries with her family then doctors are always there to help you..but make sure she doesn’t take stress..So I’ll take ur leave now..

Omru Soumya Priyanka console shivay and ask him to take care of himself and Anika. They leave to their respective rooms.

Shivay sits their remicising how Anika got afraid of darkness..and cries seeing Anika lying there on bed..And sleeps there only

Anika then gets up and sees shivay sleeping on sofa

Anika is shocked seeing shivay like this. She tries to wake him up and asks him why is sleeping here and what happened on my arm..
(She had a band tied on her arm)

Shivay didn’t say anything and just hugged her..She is quite amazed and is unable to understand anything…

Anika is unable to understand anything and asks him what happened..

S Anika how are you now..Are u feeling better

A shivay I’m fine my head is aching that’s it..But what is this…I don’t remember anything exactly..

S anika..If you have any problem u can share with me.. Anything u feel like..

A shivay Kya hogya hai aapko..Mai bilkul theek hue..Aap mujhe Btaenge hue Kya tha..

S anika vo rudra be tumhe room me band kr diya tha..Andhere me..

Anika is seen getting nervous at his sentence which shivay clearly notices..

S and then when we came there u were unconscious..And doc said that u got an anxiety attack..

A is shocked and looks disturbed..

Seen ends at shivay’s afraid face..

Precap some more of shivika

Sorry guys could not write more of shivika as I wanted to stress more on anikas problem..

Thank you

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