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Anika past part 1

Hello everyone thus is sairan again here for a new FF..

So the scene basically I want to portray is Anika’s past over here..
I personally want that anikas past should be out soon so that’s y I have written a FF related to that only..


Tia’s truth is out finally due to shivika and Omru.

So now our rudi plans to give a cute sa surprise to his bhaiya and bhabhi..

He tells Anika that he has made something for her and shivay bhaiya and takes Anika to the room in which she used to work when she joined the Oberoi’s as a wedding planner.

Rudra opens the door of the room and Anika sees that the lights are off in the room..she paniks a little and says to switch on the lights..He pushes her in the room and locks it from outside.

Anika says to open the door..But Rudy being Rudy asks her to wait for shivay bhaiya..
Anika gets scared and tries to switch on the lights but the lights don’t turn on as Rudy had switched off the main lights..
(Why just wait few mins )
She feels scared and cries to open the door..

But no one actually came because the room was unused since long..

Now Rudy searches for shivay but doesn’t find him anywhere..
After roaming here and there for half and hour or so he finally finds on and shivay in om’s room cribbing about no electricity..

Rudra O bhaiya Mai kbse aap dono ko dhund rha hue..Where r u..Bhaiya I told u to come in the store room na..Why u didn’t come..

Shivay sorry I was just occupied..Plus no electricity in-house..This generator isn’t working too

Rudra what occupied..U no Anika Bhabhi is waiting for u in room kbsee..I have planned something for u and her..And light generator…Haha..Vo to Maine hi band kri thi..Taaki jaise hi room me Jao..U get the surprise..

Om rudra are u mad or what..Anika ko room me without light and fan..R u mad

Shivay shockingly..
Rudra r u mad..Anika is afraid of darkness..What have u done

All of them run to the room and open it ..

Precap shivomru are shocked
Anika gets anxiety attack
Shivika moments

That’s it for today…U may now think what happens next..
Till then byeee..

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