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All is well that ends well ((Ishqbaaaz)) ({{Shivika}}) [{Two shots}] [First shot]

Hey guys! It’s me. I know I already have 2 work pending but oon iis TS which I wrote already but haven’t posted yet. I will post it soon. Another is ff, in which I got less comments so still deciding if I shld continue it or not. New segment made me crazy. Shiv saves Ani???. If not watched before, can check my wall for link

Story resumes after yesterday’s epi.


Scene 1 {meri adat jayegi nahi?}
Shivaay taking care of Annika. Later Annika’s mangalsutra’s hook gets opened so she tries to fix it but fails because of her hand injury. Shivaay comes to help her. They are standing in front of mirror. He moves her hairs slowly from back when she was trying to fix it. She feels his touch and sees Shivaay through the mirror.
Shivaay turns her around. He fixes it without saying anything and goes.
[I am not good at romantic scenes so I better not try, so it is a bit cold type]Annika touches her mangalsutra.
Ani: ye mujhe kya ho raha hai? Jab wo mujhe chute hai to mujhe aisa ajeeb kyu lagta hai? Mujhe aisa kyu lagta hai ki mere andar current dor raha ho?
(What is happening to me? When he touches me why do I feel strange? Why do I feel that current is flowing through my body?)
Annika goes from there.

Scene 2 (hall)
She goes to hall where Shivaay was talking on phone. She stands beside him.
Annika: Shivaay…
Shivaay does not respond.
Ani: Shivaay “a lil loud”
He still doesn’t responds and talks on phone.
Ani: BILLUJI! “very loudly”
The Oberoi Mansion is shown shaking.
Shivaay cuts the call.
Shivaay: what happened, why are you shouting like this?
Ani: I was calling you from a long time but you were not listening so I shouted.
Shi: couldn’t you see that I am talking to someone. And when did you started calling me th.. that again?
Ani: what “that”?
Shi: that.. that “Billu”?
Ani: oh, I just called you BILLU. I know you you don’t like BILLU so I won’t call you BILLU, I know only dadi can call you BILLU so I will not take BILLU in front of you again but
Shiv: ok enough! Just keep… keep quiet. You said BILLU 5 times.
Ani: arey wah! You counted it also. That is why I can you Calculator Singh Oberoi.
Shi: don’t you think it all has happened before also?
Ani: yes even I feel the same. Let me remember… ummm… yes, it happened on 5th August 2016, it was epi 40, exactly b/w 01:06 to 01:13.
Shi: yeah and that day you called me mad also.
Ani: yes, and I made a song also,
Shiv: ok, you don’t have to repeat. Nd remember u gave me medicines and I thought that it was Rudra.
Ani: then I fell on you on bed “without realising”
O jaana plays…
Shivaay looks at her. She realises what she said just now. They have an eyelock.
O jaana… O jaana..
O jaana…
Khoya khoya rehta hai
Dil tadap ke kehta hai
Tu hai mere jeene ki wajah
O jaana…
Ani: nd.. nd bcz of you my chappal chameli broke. ‘Trying to avoid the awkwardness’
Shi: yeah yeah nd remember you told me abt a doctor Ramdulare nd his donkey Kaalu
Ani: not doctor, it’s veid, veid Ramdulare ka gadha Kaalu {funny yet truth, when I was small we had a puppy named Kaalu bcz it’s most fur was black}
Shi: yes yeas..
Now pinky comes there nd holds Ani’s hand.
Pinky: you tried to kills my grandchilds? You tried to kill Tia, ri8? How dares you?! (Pinky especial language)
Ani: Pinky aunty what are you saying? Why will I try to kill Tia or her baby {not Shivaay yarr}
Pinky: to get entries in my sons life. So that you can takes all the moneys. Tia told me everything.
Ani: aunty, I didn’t do anything, trust me.
Pinky: trusts n yous, nevers. I know people like you. You middle class people don’t have any other work than to trap rich peoples. You don’t have any bloodline or any surname, you trap people for moneys. U thinks that you can trap my Shivaays, I will not lets you.
Ani: Pinky Aunty, what are you saying?
Shi: mom…
Pinky: you don’t speaks anythings Shivaay, you are very innocent, you don’t know this types of peoples. Ask this girl about her surname, can she answers its? Asks hers her parents name. She can’t answer even one question.
Annika looks on teary eyed. She begins to go from there.
Shivaay holds her hand and stops her. Shiv holds her face and wipes her tears and turns to Pinky.
Shi: mom, as far as I know you also belonged to a middle class family, ri8? Were you also like that?
Pinky: you are questionings you moms for this girls?
Shiv: mom, I am not questioning you but you also belonged to a middle class family and married papa ri8? Have anyone ever questioned you?
Annika looks on…
Shi: won’t you feel bad if someone says that you married papa for money.
Pink: Shivaay this girl tried to kill you child!
Shi: nd who said this is my child? You believe Tia but not you son.
Pink: buts the DNA reports also says that it is yours childs.
Shi: you believed the DNA reports?
Pink: Shivaay, you are arguing with me for this cheap girl. U knw what she did with Daksh, ri8? Bcz of this girl you are not accepting your blood also?
Shi: you believe Daksh, not me. You believe Tia not me and you believe the blo*dy DNA reports also but not your son!
Pin: Shivaay I believe and trust you but not this girl. This girl said all that nonsense and you believed her, you sent your best friend to jail for her. Nd even if I don’t believe Tia but what will she gain by doing all this?
Shiv: she didn’t tell me anything, Daksh only confessed all things. Nd abt Tia, even Tia can do all this for money.
Pin: why will she do this? She is rich, she have surname of big family.
Shi: so doesn’t she need money? Can’t she be greedy. Mom, we are Oberois, everyone wants our surname. Maybe Tia also wants it or maybe she got insecure seeing me with Annika so she did it. Mom, plz drop the topic. Annika saved Tia and her baby.
Pinky looks at him and Annika and again him and leaves crying. He was about to go behind Pinky but stops after watching Ani cry {I will become a cry baby???}
Shi: Annika, please don’t cry. Please don’t get offended with mom’s words. She thinks that the baby is mine so she got angry, when she will learn the truth, she will apologies to you.
Annika leaves crying.
Scene 3 (outside their room)
She runs to her room {I mean their room, itna toh samjha kro} nd closes the door. Shivaay rushes behind and bangs the door.
Shi: Annika, open the door. Annika, please open the door.
Everyone gathers {human nature, tamasha dekhao party, not Oberois but the Kapoors excluding Romi}, TiLana (uff… mujhe chai nhi, roti chahiye thi but Ro gharpe hi ro pari isliye RoTiLana nhi keh payi???) Mrs. Kapoor nd the Oberois except S. Obros are present there (not to forget Saumya is also an Oberoi)
Rudra: what happened bhaiya?
Sau: yes bade bhaiya what happened?
Shi: Annika locked herself inside room and is not opening door.
Om: what! But why?
Shi: I will tell it all later first help me to break the door.
OmRu: okk…
They stand infront of door.
Shiv: 3…
Om: 2…
Ru: 1…
ShivOmRu: bang!!!…
They break the door but found no one in the room. They look for her. Shivaay then notices her by the poolside.
Shiv: Annika.

Scene 4 (poolside)
He runs to poolside nd found her crying. Her legs are folded with her arms and she has kept her head resting on them. Her hairs have come in front of her face so her neck is visible *point to be noted*. Omru and everyone come there. Shiv sat beside her.
Shi: Annika please don’t cry. Please, calm down. Annika.
He keeps his hand on her neck *another point to be noted*
Annika looks at him and immediately hugs him, not caring abotu their surrenderings and who are present there. Shiv looks at her with surprising shocked face. Everyone looks on. Tia gives an “whatever” type look. Shiv reciprocate the hug removing his hand from her neck *piont to be noted: 3*.
Pinky gives angry glare. OmRuDa (dadi ka da) smiles. Saumya looks on emotionally. Janvi looks on with “happy, emotional, nd ‘poor-girl’” type look. Mrs. Kapoor an “angry+ it-doesn’t-matter” look. Sveltlana “uff-again-same-emotional-drama” type look.
Suddenly Tia notices something. She gets shocked and teary eyed.

To be continued…

Ok done with the part. It was supposed to be an OS but my “suspense-is-must” mind told me to make it TS (two shots)

So I gave “”*point to be noted*”” and all indicated a similar part, Annika’s neck. It have a big connection, so guess it. Nd what did Tia notice? Use your mind till I answer. This would be something unusual. I don’t know if someone wrote this kind of story before as I didn’t read any ff frm 1 mnth, so do tell me if it is something similar.

Nd I am a bit lazy, I started writing it on 12th Jan thinking it will be uploaded on 13th Jan but I am uploading it on 14th Jan, kitti lazy hu na?

GK is surely planning something big as segments says Saumya will throw Tia’s phn in pool to destroy proof against her. Like really?? Nd the vid got in Om’s hand instead of Rudy nd GK’s insta post says there is something coming for Omkara’s fans. Is it all related? Whatever it is, pray that they don’t make Saumya negative. If you didn’t watch the segments, you can check my wall. Free hai, paisa nhi lgta. Now shhh…

Ok enough bak bak. Just tell me if I shld continue nd do comment. Now bye- Neeti

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