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Ae dil hai mushkil # 4 # first scene

Hey all!!i know I am late but I was busy in completing my holiday homework?hope u all understand!!so as promised I will show devakshi’s first meet today.so here goes the 4th episode of Ae dil hai mushkil.
So 3 2 choo

Devakshi rehearse their scene.a spot boy comes and calls them for their scene
Sonakshi:All the best!!!
Dev:u need it more so keep it with u!!?
Director:role camera action
They both come from opposite direction.Sona is carrying vegetables and flour and is not bale to see anything whereas Dev is busy on the phone and suddenly BOOM!!!!!and the flour is all in the air and Devakshi??
Dev is cleaning the flour
Sona:hello??aap Dekh ke nhi chal sakte!!chalne ki tameez nhi Hai Na toh ghar pe baithna seekhiye ?(hello!!cant u see and walk!!if u can’t walk properly then better stay at home)
Dev:hello ma’am baat karne ki tameez nhi hai Na toh chup rehna seekhiye?(hello ma’am if u don’t have manners to speak so keep ur mouth shut)
Dev again starts cleaning himself
Sona:acha!!!ek toh Chori upar se…???upar se(ohh!!it was ur mistake and now u r blaming me)
Dev:seenazori ??
Sona:Thanku(sits down and starts collecting her things)lekin Mujhe yeh kahawaat use nhi Karni?

Dev too sits down
Sona:sorry boliye(say sorry)
Dev:ma’am galti apki thi(ma’am it was ur mistake)
Sona:yeh front facing accident thi Maine peeche se aake takkar nhi Maari apko Dhyaan kaha tha Apka(it was a front facing accident!!where was ur concentration)
Dev starts collecting his things when Sona sees his phone
Sona:oho toh girlfriend de baat Ho rhi thi!!(oho!!so u were talking to ur girlfriend)
Dev:aap personal Ho Rahi hai(u are getting personal)
Sona:girlfriend pe baat Aayi toh gussa(u are becoming angry when it came on ur girlfriend)
Dev:Meri koi girlfriend wirlfriend nhi Hai(I don’t have any girlfriend)
Sona:Ho bhi kaise Sakti hai aap aur Apka attitude ek couple jo hai(how can I have a gf u and ur attitude make a couple)
Dev:dekhiye ma’am(look ma’am)
Sona cuts him
Sona:listen aapko phone pe baat karte hue nhi chalna chahiye(listen u should not talk on phone while walking)
Dev:phone pe baat karte hue drive nhi Karna chahiye CHAL sakte hai(we should not talk while driving but we can walk while talking)
Sona:Dhyan toh divert Hua Na Apka(but ur mind was diverted no??)
Dev:toh apko Lagta hai ki apki koi galti nhi thi(so u think that it was not ur fault)
Sona:40%…………ok 45%
Dev left with his bags

Sona:din hi Kharab hai pata nhi kaha kaha de aa jaate hai(my day is going so bad idiots)
Dev stopped and turned with his face ??
Sona too stopped and gave Dev this look??
(I hope u all imagined and enjoyed it)
Director:CUT!!!!!!superb Superbbb Dev,Sonakshi it was superbbbbb
DEVAKSHI:thanks sir??
Sona:it was awesome
Dev:I know
Sona:who was talking to u???
Dev:u were
Sona:plzzz stop giving urself so much importance!!!i was talking to myself
Dev:ohhhh…..so I was correct
Dev:I was correct that u are a complete idiot!!??
They both went in different directions.

No precap

So how was it guys?? I hope u all enjoyed!!plzzzzz do comment!!
Negative and posted Botha re welcomed!!!
Suggestions are most welcomed!!
Love love

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