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Ae dil hai mushkil # 3 # rehearsals

Hey guys!!!!Thanks a lot for ur lovely comments❤️so here goes the 3rd episode of Ae dil hai mushkil!!!so 3 2 choo
Devakshi receive their scripts and they are shocked??bcoz this was their FIRST scene together

Sona’s PoV
Hey Bhagwan!!!maine Aisa Kya kiya tha ki Aaj Mujhe uss mr.attitude ke saath scene Karna padega!!!???(oh god!!which sin did I do that I have to do a scene with mr.attitude
Sona thinks that God is replying to her:what can i do in this!!!he is the hero u r the heroine u have to shoot with him
Sona’s PoV


That’s also correct!!!sona u can do it!!!??

Dev’s PoV
What will I do now????i have a habit of rehearsing the scene with my co star before it is shot!!dev do one thing u do ur part and we will see the rest!!!
Dev rehearses his part and Sona too. They are called for their Scene but Dev is not able to do it
Shot 1,2,3,4,5 and 6

He forgets his line
Shot 7,8,9 and 10 he does something wrong
Director:WHAT HAPPENED DEV????(with much frustration)
Dev:can we take a break l
Director:okay!!manish let’s shoot abc scene

Dev and Sonakshi go and sit!!!

Sona’s PoV
What happened to me attitude today???yesterday he was doing everything perfectly!!!sona stop thinking about him

Sona starts doing touch up!!
Dev’s PoV
Wow Dev!!!tujhe toh shaabashi milni chahiye Itni achi chop(bezti)jo Karvai hai(Dev u should get a reward,u have insulted urself so well no!!(he looks at Sona)and just look at her!!!its all bcoz if her!!!ok Dev u have to rehearse with her!!!!u can do it??
Dev went and sat on the chair beside her.

Sona’s PoV
What happened to him now???what does he want now???i guess he wants me to start the conversation but why should I ????
Dev’s PoV
Just look at her!!!she is behaving as if I am invisible!!!i think I only have to start the conversation.
Dev:actually I have a habit!!!

Dev:actually I like to rehearse the scene with my co actor before it is shot
Dev(now Dev gets irritated with her cold replies):what so so I want to rehearse the scene with u!!j don’t want to but I have to
Sona:do u think I will rehearse with u after u said I don’t want to but I have to
Dev:look I am sorry,ism little frustrated right now bcoz..
Sona cuts him

Sona:I know the ans bcoz Dev is feeling insulted!!!frkm what just happened
Dev:ya and that’s why I want to rehearse with u!!
Sona:okay lemme read my dialogues again
She starts reading the dialogues loudly.Dev gets a call he goes and attends it and comes back.
Sona:oho girlfriend se baat Ho rahi thi??(oho!!! U were taking to ur gf)

Sona:Ohhh nhi nhi it was the dialogue(remember guys devakshi’s first meet)
Dev:oh okay
Sona:waise girlfriend ka hi phone Tha Na ??(BTW it was ur gf’s call no)
Dev:nhi(coldly)(no)I don’t have any gf
Sona:chal jhutta(liar)

Sona:u r such a big liar!!!the Dev Dixit ki girlfriend nhi hai!!(Dev Dixit doesn’t have a gf)impossible
Dev:how can u say that???u don’t even know me???
Sona:but i have read about u!!that Dev Dixit is dating her or her,Dev Dixit has a bad breakup,d v Dixit is a Casanova etc etc
Dev:miss.rumours naam ki bhi cheez hoti hai!!(these all are rumours)
Dev:so can we rehearse now

Sona:yeah sure

Precap:first scene

So how was it guys????do tell me through it comments!!!
Suggestions are most welcomed
And guys I wanted to ask if u want scenes from the real serial or I have to……
And guys there will be no scenes with Ishwari only DEVAKSHI scenes
So I think serial wake best Hai aise we can enjoy their old days too
Bye guys
Love love❤️❤️

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