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Ae dil hai mushkil # 2 # dhamaka

Hey guys?Thanks a lot for ur lovely comments!!do read and comment!!so here goes the 2nd episode of Ae dil hai mushkil❤️
So 3 2 choo
Everyone goes back home after the shooting
Sona live in a small but cosy home?she is watching TV and suddenly stops at a channel on which telly news is coming.she is peacefully watching it until her and dev’s fight is shown??
On the news:
Reporter:Dhyan as dekhiye is video Ko!!!(just like people say)?ek toh hai jaani maani Hasthi Dev Dixit aur dusri hai unke Naye show krpkab ki nahi heroine Sonakshi!!!!dhyan de dekhiye unhe yeh kaise lad Rahe!!!!ab Kya pata ki yeh sach much ki Ladaai hai ya phir ek publicity stunt!!ab Bhai humein use Kya!!inka show dekhne mein toh bahut maza aayega???
Sona’s PoV
Oh my god!!!yeh media wale kuch bhi kehte rehte hai!!ab toh Mujhe Lagta hai Mera career shuru hone se pehle hi Khatam Ho gya!!!woh mr attitude toh Mera katal hi Kar dega ?pata nhi ab Mera Kya hoga!!dekh Sona jo hoga kal hoga abhi Tu shanti se so ja??
On the other hand Dev who also saw the news

Dev’s PoV
Uss over attitude ki wajah se main Aaj news pe hoon woh bhi Kisi ache kaam ke liye nhi…….?I will sue her 2morrow ms over attitude Just wait and watch?
Next day ?
Sona and Dev wake up,get ready and have breakfast and are in the car on the way to shooting
Sona’s PoV
Hey Bhagwan plzz save me today I don’t want my career to end plzzzz Bhagwan plzzz I will no eat chocolates for in year no 6months no 3months no 1 month I think 1week will be okay?(opens one eye)plzzzzz(with a cute puppy face)


Dev’s PoV
My whole reputation is on stake just bcoz of that girl I will not leave her!!!ms…..(Dev doesn’t remember her name)whatever I will not leave u!!
And then the car suddenly stops!!!
Dev:what happened bhaiya!??have we reached!!
Driver:Haan bhaiya pahunch toh Gaye hai magar achanak ek gaadi aa gyi samne
Dev gets down
Dev:oh hello!!!excuse me!!!get down
And Sona gets down the car.At first she doesn’t notice him
Sona:I am really sorry I was…..U
Dev:yes me
Sona:what r u doing here???
Dev:huh??? The same thing which u r doing!!?
Sona:don’t try to be oversmart!!!
Dev:madam!!!i am not oversmart I am smart(touches his collar)
Dev:what u ???
Sona:never mind(she does the same thing which Dev did to her yesterday)?
This fight is also recorded !!!A crew member comes
Someone:guys!!!calm down!!!the director wants to see u both in his room
They both leave from their and head towards the director’s room.they both are standing in front of the director and he is looking at them?a serious kind of face

Sona’s PoV
Bhagwan plzz bacha lo!!plzzz!!i promise is poore week mandir aaungi!!!
Dev’s PoV
Ab toh yeh ms over attitude gyi.main toh pehle bhi unke saath ek serial Kar Chuka hoon!
Dev was excited and Sona was worried
Director:Dev,Sonakshi!!(in a serious tone)
DEVAKSHI:yes sir!!
Director:main chahta hoon ki Tum dono aise hi ladte Raho!!!!
Dev and Sonakshi were??confused
Dev:sir hum kuch samjhe nhi !!!
Director:arrey!!!abhi humare show Ko shuru hone mein kitna time hai
Dev:atleast 3 weeks!!
Director:aur abhi se hi log humara show dekhne ke liye Betaab ho Rahe Hai!!people are very excited to see ki jo log real life mein ek dusre Ko stand bhi nhi Kar sakte unki onscreen chemistry kaisi hogi
Sonakshi:that means ki aap humse gussa nhi Ho???
Director:kyon Hona chahiye
Dev;nhi nhi sir!!!
They both keep standing there
Director:kuch chahiye Kya??
DEVAKSHI:nhi toh sir!!
Director:toh phir niklo yaha se?
They both run outside

Precap:DEVAKSHI will shoot their first scene together!!!

So how was it guys!!!
Do tell me through ur comments!!
Suggestions are most welcomed?
Will post soon
Love love❤️

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