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Abhigya – lust or love (Intro Episode 1)

Hi guys
I am new to this page
So the characters of my ff are
Abhishek Prem mehra-A famous rock star who doesn’t care about anyone..he has no relatives
Pragya Arrora-A simple bubbly girl working as a manager in xyz company.she is a huge fan of rock star Abhi
Purabh Khanna-Abhi’s friend but he doesn’t like abhi’s character.so he doesn’t talk to him
Bulbul khanna-wife of purabh Khanna and best friend of Pragya Arrora
Sarla Arrora-mother of pragya
Arjun-pragya’s boy friend and works as a manage in abhi’s company

Episode 1
. Our episode starts with a girl who was sleeping in her bed.
Sarla:pragya wake up and take bath
Pragya:please ma let me sleep some more time
Sarla:if you sleep more time I will through a bucket full of water on your face
Pragya:okay ma
So these are the main characters of this fan fiction.Hope you guys are enjoyed and don’t forget to comment

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