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A warm night by Farin (shivika Os)

The story was written just when the show started.

I am just copying and pasting it here..
Its been four hours that the obstinate teardrop is still so expressive coming from the cloud-covered sky causing an acute thunder that makes Anika terribly panicked every time she hears that.Actually anger has taken over her fear of thunder sounds.Inside her heart she is cursing shivay so badly.Its because of him that they both are now trapped in this desolated jungle at the middle of night and on top of that these cursed rain!!!


“I told you to bring your charger with you…But No!!The great shivay singh oberoi will never listen to anybody,right?Now suffer…How will We inform at home.They must be worried.”–Anika just kept blaming Shivay.But actually its because of her stubbornness of visiting a jungle,shivay has brought her here.But shivay,being a convenient husband listens all her howling.

Frankly,he is staring at her so relievedly.Her perfet size lips burried with red dark lipstick is so tempting to control him.Every drop of rain falling in those crimson lips has an divinely imoact on that.Those silent drops are making them more raddish.
“Hey,duffer…..where are you lost?I am drenching and I can’t just afford of another serious cold in one month.Atleast find something to be at our roof top”-Anika snaps breaking Shivay’s lustful appeal.He comes in real world that they both are so poachy that a thirsty person can absorb the water from their body and cloths.

Shivay keeps moving his eyes in circular angel to arrange a shelter.And luckily his eyes strucks on a bleak light coming from a farthest corner and he can’t just let go the chance of it becoming a protection for them atleast for a night from this repugnant rain.He just rushes towards it snaching Anika’s hand from her lap.

It is a cowherd.Everything inside it is so disciplined and organized.Foods of the four-legged animal are kept in the left corner of the room and in middle a small mountain of hays are giving them bonfire vives. And the rest of the floor is broomed.Seems like someone has made the place only for them sometimes ago as nobody can imagine it as a cow house.They entered there.

“You dry your hair.Till then I will light up the fires.Don’t worry,my wife,you wont get cold”-Shivay’s plain assurance brings a wide smile in Anika’s face.She blushes heavily hearing the word wife.

Their life is so on perfect.A arranged marriage of two childhood birds and since then life is going on.Till now Anika has not still confessed her love which is the replacement of their friendship towards each other.On their first marriage anniversary shivay had proposed her in a snow world created by himself and that was a diamond day for her.Though she didn’t say yes,still a spark was in her confused mind.

“Shivay,I need sometime to execute our marriage.Hope you get me.We have explored us as friends only,as a lover,its a long way to go…Lets have a journey to the love.”

“Dont worry,my love.I would love to walk on that journey if you are with me.”–Shivay’s simple flirty lines just gave lifetime support to her.She smiled back.That’s it.They have come a long way to the journey.Still Anika hasn’t gathered courage to confess.

In the corner of the room,Anika is soaking her hairs.She is looking like a fairytale princess.A red sari with a sleeveless blouse is adding to her appealing tantics.She is still wet from her top to down.
She sees the burning fire beside her that shivay has lighten up just now.So strategically was it created giving a dim light to the herd shell.

A perfect set up for a dreamy night between two lovebirds,shivay thinks in mind.He is watching Anika so mesmerizingly.Everytime a drop of water flows from her silky physique,shivay’s hands get restless.He so wants to wipe that flow.An ardent woman siting beside him with her soggy hair open and with all of that her exposed body was urging shivay to have her,to love her that he has craved to do all these years.

Anika is shivering out of cold.She better knows that this paltry temperature coming from the fire can never endear her.The distance between her and her man is decreasing the temperature in the room making her feel more earnest.She wants to be enshrouded in shivay’s arms.Still she was so nervous sitting with him,soaked in water and her nervousness is beating her breath.

Suddenly a jerk wind blows indiscriminately making Anika’s salvage move from her carnivorous body.It is an utmost embarrassment for her,in front of her husband to whom she is bound to give in. Still,she is so uptight that she can’t move,not even for fixing her fallen salvage.

Shivay notices Anika shivering.He understands her discomfort.

“Can I have the pleasure to wrap your saree,pretty woman”-He was clearly flirting just to wave Anika’s nervousness.

Anika is sitting like a mannequin.Shivay’s words manage to make her blush a little. Still she doesn’t say anything.Just turning her face sideways giving the open,wet back to shivay,Anika is clever enough to give her consent not in language but in sign.And shivay cant have better yes from her.

He takes the fallen salvage of her saree from the floor in hand.It has white linen border with a simple ambroidary done with black threads stiched on it.The whole things gracefully match with Anika’s saree along with her bloodstream complexion.Shivay thinks The saree has attracted him or the one who is carrying it on so perfectly.

In the process,his fingers touch her back.It is a warm touch she can feel.She clinches the hays lying beneath her tightly causing it to break in peaces.Shivay wanted to be the utmost gentleman.He sees Anika closing her eyes.It was a hint that she badly wants more of it.What more Shivay need right now except a silent assent from her?He cant stay in his gentleman attire anymore.

He keeps moving her finger more in aimless director thoughout her behind skin.She hadn’t expected this but she doesnt resist the touch.She is just getting into him.Closing the eyes in quist and tightening the grip in hays,Anika is getting more wet inside her.He isn’t leaving a single chance to make her feel touched.Every movement of his fingers is just rubbing her back.He is now not bothered of the fallen salvage at all.It is lying beside them aimlessly.He wants to touch every inch of her now so terribly that the blouse is seeming an obstacle for him.He wants to be more close that wind fears to come between them,he wants to see Anika’s face,her pleasure.Is she okay with all these?–It strikes in his mind.Still he keeps moving his figures more vigorously,now it has stretched from the back to her neck.Anika coudnt take it anymore.She turns back to shivay and slogs his shirt.

Their eyes meet.And now who can stop shivay from touching her lips? He jumps over them.He is biting her lower lip keeping his one hand still in her back,this time rubbing it more extremely and the another one in her back head pushing it to his lips.He is just eating her lower area exploring a sweet dribble inside her small mouth.He roughly,yet gently bites her whole lip area.He keeps biting it and the pressure is getting now intolerable for her with coming time.She has her one hand in Shivay’s shoulder still twisting his shirts and the other one lying with her unsolicited.Her lips are feeling so helpless in front of him.She wants to breath now,but he is not letting her.He is still dominating his lips over her.He is just heating her tongues like anything with her dribbling water with his tongue,but isn’t leaving her.He keeps pushing her head to him to get her lips more inside him.Its been long seconds that shivay is just on her lips.Her lips has some lustful taste that he cant let go off it.

In need of oxygen,Anika hits his back with her left hand.Shivay now gets to know that they both need oxygen,but he wants more of her.He pushes her to the hays made bed.He looks sideways for a couple of minutes.Anika is breathing so heavily that sounds are echoing in the room overcoming rain’s triping sound.

He again comes to her and this time her upper lips is at target.He starts eating them again.Anika didnt get time to react as before that shivay just runs over her.Now shivay is fully on her body and kissing her lips ruthlessly.She holds the hays lying beneath them tightly as the his lips are just grasping hers.Though his lips are busy,his one hand is at her side face and the other one below her underarm.He is stabbing her underarm area and pusing her to himself to not let go.He wants to have the full control over her.

Anika realizes that he has tighten her full body holding it at her waist so tightly that she can’t even move a inch.Anika tries to move a lil bit,suddenly feels more pressure on her lips.He is still not over of her delicious lips.Its been 20 minutes that he is still kissing her lip like anything.He,after a second leaves her lips feeling tired.

Just he moves his lips,he now feels a pressue in his back head pusing his lips again in hers.It is Anika who is still yet to experience him.She keeps moving all her left hand figures in his hair and pressing gently not to break the kiss.Now Anika is fully biting his lips.She kisses him for a while.Suddenly she realizes her new appealing form and leaves him.She feels embarrassed.She tries pushing Shivay.But she should better know that where she is now can’t come out of it easily.Still she manages to move him from her.She gets up from those unsorted hays.

She starts walking from him,but couldn’t go more.She feels a suddenly preforce touch in her half naked belly and again she falls weak.She wants to walk but still she feel numbness in legs.Leaving her body burden like a corpse,she fall down.Buf shivay catches her with force and again puts his lips into her.This time both are at their best.No one is willing to break the passionate happenings.She wants more,he gives more.

He keeps tearing her blouse and all the saree without letting the kiss break.Now their body is interacting with each other.She feels warmth in her.He keeps rubbing her back and suddenly his hands gets more down without realizing.Anika still being on his lips,clinches his shirt again.

He keeps rolling his hands in her down parts without distributing the lips which are still biting each other.
No inch of her body is untouched now and the kiss is broken due to breathing problem.Shivay very smartly makes Anika lye down but she hesitates a lot.She wants to in nervousness,shivah just pushes her very hardly on the ground.Without letting her stop,he starts sucking her neck parts and all her body thoroughly.He is making Anika terrible wet..

Anika tries to push shivay again but in vain.He has gotten over her body so powerfully that she really cant afford to a lot.Her body,mind everything is under his control.Whenever she tries to push him;she gets more waterful,pressuring kisses on her body parts.She keeps hiting his naked back with her long,sharpen nail.But those tantic couldn’t stop him from having her.Anika in a moment,realizes she actually isnot trying to move,isn’t pushing him neither did she hit him anymore.She is enjoying every bit of his pressure on herself.Her howling in pleasure is urging him to move more to pressurize on her,to kiss her more.In the meantime,again they shares a forcefull kiss.Anika wants him to control her more,dominate her more..

She lets him kiss,touch every kick of her.She wants to feel helpless to feel his warmth.Shivay is just getting the everything of herself.He notices that anika has given up her whole body to him.Realizing this,he kisses her more dominatingly..

She parts her legs and lets shivay enter in herself fully.She keeps screaming in pleasure impeling shivay to push more to her.Anika feels his whole body over her and she pushes him to her lips again to feel more predominant.

The night is getting deep and the warmth is also at the neck..He&she are on themselves geeting not enough of themselves.


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