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Recap: Swasan’s very little romance.. Mayank’s man got caught by Sanskar..

The episode starts when Swasan were hugging each other.. Sanskar parted the hug when he heard a knock.. They both composed themselves and opened the door.. Mayank’s man was kept in the washroom by Sanskar (sorry I didn’t mentioned that part).. Priya entered and gave the papers to Swasan.. Swara took that and said;
Swara: Anything left??
Priya: Nope ma’am.. But ma’am I don’t know where the helper went!!
Swara: Ohh!! He came to me and asked a half day leave and I gave him..
Priya left..
Swara closes the door of her cabin and asked Sanskar, “Now, what should we do, Sanskar??”
Sanskar: I think.. (interrupted by a call.. And will you all believe it?? It’s Shantanu’s call??)
Sanskar makes faces and says,” this man can never leave me!!”
Convo b/w SwaShan:
Swara: Yeah Shan!! What happened??
Shantanu: Nothing Shona!! Btw where are you??
Swara: In my cabin..
Shantanu: So stay there only.. I want to talk with you..
Swara: Okay Shan..
Shantanu: And yes tell Sanskar to be in your cabin only.. Don’t say him to go.. Okay??
Swara: Shan…

But Shantanu had cut the call at that time.. Swara got tears in her eyes, because she knew Shantanu got hurt and that because of her only..
Sanskar: (sees Swara crying and cups her face)(in a tensed tone) Sweetu, what happened??
Swara: Sanskar… I hurt him.. Sanskar.. I hurt him.. He was hurt.. Only because of me..?
Sanskar: What happened Sweetu?? Tell me clearly..
Swara was sobbing because her life used to revolve around Shantanu, Arjun, Laksh and HER SANSKAR…
Before Swara could say anything, Priya knocked her door.. Both Swasan composed themselves and told her to come in.. She came inside and handed some papers to Sanskar and went outside.. Sanskar read the papers and smirks.. Swara sees this.. At that time Shantanu stormed in Swara’s cabin.. He said silently.. It was clearly seen from his face that he is trying to stay silent..
Shantanu: Swara, Sanskar.. We need to talk.. Reach mansion soon..
Swara: Shan.. Why.. (interrupted by Shan)
Shan: (showing his hand signing her not to say anything further) I guess we are going to mansion.. We can talk there itself..
Sanskar: What happened dude?? Why are you talking like this to her??
Shantanu: Yep bro.. You also come with us..
Sanskar: It was not the answer to my question Shan..
Shantanu: Even that was not the answer to my question last night.. (when Shantanu asked Sanskar regarding his concern to Swara)
Shantanu: I’m going to my car.. You both also come after some time and yes, be normal.. I don’t want anyone to suspect us..
Shantanu left…
After Shantanu went, Swara cried out..
Sanskar: (consoling Swara) Sweetu, be calm..
Swara: ?? I cannot afford losing him, Sanskar!!??? (Aww my doll, she cried a lot today ☹☹)
Sanskar: Sweetu, be calm.. Nothing is gonna happen okay??
Swara keeps mum and after sometime, both Swasan moves from the cabin.. At first Sanskar goes to his car.. After ten minutes, Swara also goes to her car..

At the parking;
Swara: Mr. Maheshwari.. My car had some mechanical problem and if I will wait for my other car to come, it will take a lot of time.. And I have some urgent work.. Can you please drop me to my mansion?? And yeah, you can also see it as you said that you wanted to see my mansion.. (professional tone)
Sanskar: No problem.. Miss. Shekhawat.. Come I will drop you and will also get a chance to witness your beautiful mansion?(professionally)
Saying so both Swasan went in the car..
After sitting in, both looked at each other and smirked..
This whole scene was witnessed by a man who was standing beside a car nearby.. He call his boss..
Man: Boss, that girl’s car had some problems, so both of them left in one car only..
Opposite side: …..
Man: Yes boss..
The man also left in his car..
At ‘SS’ mansion:
Swasan entered in the house.. They were too tensed.. They started going towards Shantanu’s room, when they felt something on their shoulders.. They both turned around and saw Shantanu standing there with his hands folded across his chest.. Anger was seen in his eyes..
Swasan gulped in fear..
He held the hands of both Swara and Sanskar and took them to Swara’s room..
In Swara’s room, ??

To be continued..

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