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A shine that leads to darkness (chap-2) ‘Ek duje ke vaaste’

Chap 2 ”beautiful past gave a hope for bright future”

Time! Has got such an amazing wings that made it pass with weird pace.4 years! 4 damn years had passed since he left india with his parents and settled in london.we were in ninth.My Dad and shravan,s father were best friends.and so we become bestest friends for life.
That much memories i have of my childhood,he is part of those all.he was the part of my everyday but these 4years are exception.
We use to communicate each day being that much close we were sure that we will keep our friendship.But that line of communication gets weaker and weaker finally it broke down.2 years and no contact. Just dad use to tell about them,how was i supposed to know about his return.i didn,t knew about it,so when i heard his name in class, i was left numb.
As that cool breeze hits my face i opened my eyes into the real world from the world of my thoughts,where i spend most of my time sometimes with open eyes and some time with close.
As i look at the watch it showed 4:30 pm.ahhh! I have spend quite a long time on these stairs at back of campus that lead to a beautiful garden.
I ahead to get up but a hard hand holded mine and someone landed besides me.who it can be without him i look into his deep eyes for a while and turned my head.

Silence fills the every bit of atmosphere for a while.
“still a silence that seeks peace?” he asked fixing his gaze at the fountain before us.
Feels like after ages i heard his voice from close.’hmmmm…’ i said without looking at him.
nahhh there is not any anger
”noooo!” i said with a laugh
he also chuckled.
”guilt!” i said and at the edge of eye i saw him he turned his face towards me with a confuse look.
I continued ‘guilt! That we make our friendship lose infront of that small sepration.that much years of togetherness lost before these few years’.
I looked down nd he forwarded his hand towards me ‘will u be my friend again’
”u wont leave me this time?” slight smile appeared and he shook his head ”never”
i wrap my fingers around his hand and with that handshake my beautiful past gave me a hope for bright future.

A/N: i know i,m quite late and i,m extremely sorry to my readers plus this chap is very short and all mess.so tamotoes and veggies are welcome.Let me know ur reveiws for this horrible chap.


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