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a haunted mansion (horror shots) starring shivika raumya ishkara priveer (Part 3)

hello guys sorry for late post as I was busy
lets begin
they are heading towards the mansion
rudra:bhaiya I am scared ,I don’t want to die by the hands of ghost what about my biceps
shivay:for god sake why will ghost choose you??
om:he /she will better prefer leaving mansion rather then choosing you.
rudra:very funny ,did you remember that song you sung during prinku birthday ???it was such horrible that ghost will be compelled to leave their graveyard and fetch other.
shivay: why do we need any ghost when we already have two here ,wise will understand.
anika:wait what did you said???did you called me bhootni????(witch)
shivay:did I took your name???you yourself said that???
anika:then whom did you called???saumya ,ishana or prinku????
shivay:I didn’t mean that
anika:ok now I will call you asur(demon),your name should be (aso) asur singh oberoi who scare children as well as their family.
shivay :ok anika devi please forgive me ,ididn’t mean that
anika:from which angle I am looking devi???did I wore dress of devi like rumi??
rudra infuriates and snapped back”bhabhi please don’t take her name ,it irritates me
anika:ok sorry
shivay:ok sorry anika didi
anika:didi???on this planet people don’t regard their wives as their sister please clear do you belong from other planet????
shivay and everyone bursts into laughter.they reached the mansion ,although it is in dilapidated state but it has an idyllic surrounding with a mountain view.they all were mesmerized with a pleasant view .everyone gather in a hall.
shivay:I know all of you are thinking why did I bring you here ??you were thinking that I was greedy for property no i just want to purchase property in the name of anika ,I want to gift her ,it is just small way to show gratitude towards her ,I knew our marriage happened in wrong circumstances but she fulfilled all her duties being a careful wife ,she did many favours on my family but what I gave her in return is just humiliation nowI want to thank her for being there in my life ,I want to propose her infront of everyone and he ask anika to come forward .
tears streaked down her cheek while walking towards shivay ,she was to about to fell when he hold her and they share an eyelock ,shivay bend down upon his knees
shivay:please give me a chance to rectify my mistake ,please give me a chance to become a good husband ,please give me a chance to fulfill responsibilities towards you and last but not least”will you stay with me forever ????anika nodded yes against his proposal .
shivay:thank you so much anika and i want to say that this surprise is not limited upto anika ,it is our oberoi brothers plan to give all the ladies a surprise but we literally didn’t have a idea about this haunted mansion for that we ask for your forgiveness .
saumya ,ishana and prinku were surprised and delighted .now came om’s turn
om:it’s been a six months that we got married I have never showed gratitude towards your effort but today I want to say something .ishu you was the one who saved me from sanking deep into depression,you was the one who saved me from the clutches of riddima ,you was the one who brought happiness in my life.
he bend upon his knees and askwill she become mother of his child???shu replied yes with tears in her eyes.
now came rudra’s turn
rudra:saumu I was behaving so rude with you when we first met ,I didn’t knew that you are having a pure soul and a kind heart .I have just judged you always I am sorry for that .
he bend upon his knees and ask will she accompany him life time in eating paratha????
a cheerful smile came across saumya’s face and she replied yes.

now came ranveer’s turn
ranveer :priyanka I have hurted you and made you cry many times ,our love story has started with hatred and revenge but I didn’t knew that I will fall in love with you one day .please forgive me for those harsh words which I spoke for revenge plan.
he bend down upon his knees and ask will she become his crime partner fir life time .priyanka nodded yes,ranveer stood up and hugged her
all the ladies plauded their patners effort .


anika:this is the first time I got the surprise in a haunted mansion ,generally husbands took their wives to foreign trip but my husband brought me here strange.
shivay:where do you want to go ???I will arrange tickets on the spot
anika:I want to go jumritalaiya where sahil’s mausi reside .
shivay:where is it ???
ishana :I knew this place it is situated in up na???
anika:sahi javab(correct answer)I will suggest billu ji to learn name of every village in india
from ishana
shivay:as per your suggestion I will leave oberoi buisness join municipality and start wandering each and every village of india and I will surely visit your mausi house at jumritalaiya .
anika:of course
rudra:this is not fair you have just invited bhaiya what about me ???I am your favourite devar.
anika:are you all are welcome ,you will get such a khidki tod treatment that you have never expected .
ranveer: no no we don’t want such treatment where we have to broke window’s glass.
shivay :it means superb.
om:you understood her language very well pround of you .

as persuggestions I have added humour and romance .I hope you liked it

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