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a haunted mansion (horror shots) starring shivika raumya ishkara priveer (Part 2)

when bus entered the forest ishana saw something and faint ,om held in his arms everyone stood up from their seat looking at ishana condition,om asked to bring water ,he pour water on her face and she opened her eyes.
om-ishu what happened ???are you ok??
she recalled that incident and spoke .
ishana-i leaned my head against the window suddenly I saw blood was dripping upon window from top of bus ni was scared.
they saw towards window but they found nothing .

ishana-how could it be possible ?I have seen clearly,om don’t you trust me ??
om nodded yes and embrace her in his arms .he ask everyone to cease the topic there.they were disappointed as driver told them that bus can’t go further because it is an end of the forest and mansion is situated at the top of the hill amidst the dense forest and you have to reach there by walk so it would be feasible to spend whole night in bus only.
shivay-what the wack!are you out of mind???


om-he has a valid point it is already dark.
anika sat on her seat when her sight get caught on hand imprint imposed upon window.she felt strange when she looked again that hand imprints vanished within a fraction of time seems someone had effaced .she diverts her attention and closed her eyes.
saumya woke up to drink water ,she saw a girl sitting in near the door and sobbing ,she went near her thinking prinku ,she pacified her and when she turn she could not believe to his eyes ,prinku is sleeping leaning her body against the chest of ranveer.her face turn pale and slowly moved her head in that direction and there was no as expected ,she screamed at the top of her lungs ,everyone woke up with her scream
om:saumya what happened?????why did you scream???
she narrate whole incident and everyone were clueless.
rudra-see who scared first??
saumya -it is not a joke.
shivay-ihink you saw a bad dream
anika-ya you are the only one among us who is getting crorepati dreams.
shivay-it’s not that
anika-then leave lets sleep chanting hanuman chalisa
they all slept and woke up in the morning.
shivay ask driver if he going to accompany ,driver nodded yes till a village
they walked past a hut in village in which an old woman is residing ,she identified their condition she called them and offer to take rest in her hurt.
they walked inside her hut she asked them to sitand she will bring something to eat,
anika-dadi you are looking very aged but still you are very active ,dadi introduced herself that she is 91 years old and she is living alone since many years .they ate breakfast and compliment her.

dadi-child regard me as your dadi and listen carefully I am saying about your well being .that old mansion is haunted I know you youngsters won’t believe but it is true .this house has witnessed 3 deaths including a girl in a mysterious condition .once a group came for a picnic and I warned them but they ignore .they went in that house but never came back .I would suggest you to go back.
anika-i believe you as we have experienced strange things but we had just come to introspect house as he want to purchase that property .
dadi-if you are firm to go then wear this holy locket of lord shiv ,the almighty god will protect you from evil sight ,if you feel the danger chant the name of lord shiv.
they wore locket took blessings and begin their journey .
shivay-before beginning our journey let’s do oberoi family moment
dil bole oberoi
this is it

a mistake ishkara are married instead of raumya ,they are just engaged
I hope you liked it
stay tuned

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