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a haunted mansion (horror shots) starring shivika raumya ishkara priveer (Part 1)

hllo this is shivani and this is my first horror fff
dadi-billu is it mandatory to purchase this mansion???I am just asking can’t you postpone it???

shivay-no dadi why???
dadi-according to indegenous people once a girl came to dwell in this house along with their grandparents one year ago,few days went when natives came across their dead bodies laid under bed in mysterious condition ,till this date no one is willing to buy this house because it is haunted .
shivay -these are the stories being cooked up by the natives to prevent people from coming.


anika-dadi is concerned for you and you are showing tadi .
dadi-puttar I am just asking you to be careful
shivay hugged her and kissed on her forehead.

omru interrupts
om-is it true that the mansion is haunted ????
shivay -I don’t think so
rudra -lets’s drop this idea
shivay-if you don’t want to come then it is totally ok
anika-who else is going to come along with us?
shivay-ishana,saumay and priveer are going to accompany us.
anika-it would be fun

ishana ,saumya and priveer meet them.saumya ask rudra if he is ready to face ghost .rudra give him deadly glance .ishana stepped back as she is little bit afraid but om hold her hand and they share an eyelock.shivay coughs and ask them if they can proceed .everyone sat on their respective seats in volvo bus .they begin their journey.
shivay :how much time it would take to reach the destination????
driver:it would take approx ten hours .it is haunted place.
shivay :did I ask your opinion???
driver turned around and kept his focus on driving.
it was almost dusk when they are about to enter dense forest.driver ask them to alert ,suddenly ishana saw something and faint .

this is it for today
why did ishana faint???I will reveal in next episode till that bye

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