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A confusing love triangle- ff kaira (Chapter 2)

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Let’s start

Kartik see the note and think that how smart and bold the girl is. She wants to start her own team.


Next day

KARTIK WITH HIS GROUP: Guys!! Read this note.
He read it aloud so that everyone can hear.
KARTIK: what do you think?
HIS FRIENDS : It’s a great idea. Finally a college girls football team will be made.

Suddenly one girl enters and everyone eyes was on her. She was wearing black cut top and black skirt with diva curls
She come running and hug naira.
Naira: Hello! Gayu how are you?
Gayu:I missed you soo much. I feel so boring here now you are here I will feel awesome.

Kartik get shocked seeing naira and he her face remembering yesterday’s incident

Bell rang

All came to class
Gayu has gone to washroom
Naira enters in class and sat on seat
When gayu enters class all start shouting.
She sits with naira.
Gayu:And you selected for football team.
Naira:oh god! O forgot about that.
I have gone to talk to captain but he is not there I’m gonna talk about at lunch

Teacher came and teach all
Class get over

Gayu friend came
Friend: Hey gayu we are doing doing today are u coming.
Gayu:yes I’m coming. Naira would you like to come?
Naira: no I have to study. By the way I’m going to talk the captain .

Naira goes there and opens the door

Precap-Naira and kartik nok-jhok

Hope u guys like.

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