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A confusing love triangle- ff kaira (Chapter 1)

Hello, I’m writing ff now on yrkkh
So let’s start
The story is of high school
The girl enters in school. She is very pretty.
She is very good in football. As she is new admission so she wants to enter up in team.so she talked to the principle about this.
Girl-Hello sir I’m naira new student.
Principle-oh. Sit down
Naira-sir I want to ask you I want to be a member of school foot ball team. I’m a good player see my certificates.
Principle-you should talk about it with our sports captain.

Scene 2

A boy playing basketball. He is playing very nice. He is handsome and cute.
He is kartik.

Suddenly bell ring

He stops playing
Kartik- oh Teri! I forget the time I’m going to be late.
He is sports captain

There naira goes to sports room and didn’t find kartik. So she takes the paper and write about be a member of football team.

She reaches in class and found no teacher all were talking only one seat is left with kartik.
She goes there and when she sits suddenly
A pahhhhhhhh……. Sound there app start laughing kartik is also laughing.
Naira gets angry
Naira-how dare you to do this and move out of the class
By running she went home.

Here kartik come to sports room and see this the message and gets very happy thinking that how cute the girl will be.

Precap-new entry

Thank you for reading please comment if you like and suggest more thankyou

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