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Your dreams are mine now (RagLak) Chapter-6

Hi guys I am back with the next chapter. It’s chill here and I hope to have rains again. I am better now and I will upload a maha episode tomorrow. Mostly I couldn’t upload anything on Sunday. Link for Chapter 5, in case anyone has missed it – http://www.tellyupdates.com/dreams-mine-now-raglak-chapter-5/

Chapter 6
They both were so hungry and tried to search for a restaurant, it’s about half an hour when they saw a one and immediately both stopped the car and got in(after parking it properly).
L: What are you going to eat?
R: I will take vegetable soup first followed by fried rice and then we can order some desserts
L: Then I will also order the same.
R: No need Laksh, you can take whatever you want I don’t want to force you
L: That’s not a problem Ragu, I like soup and fried rice
R: Hmm (felt happy whenever he calls Ragu as only her best buddies call her like that)
After finishing the rice
L: So what dessert you want to have now?
R: I want to have Basundhi or Gulfi you choose from this
L: We will order Basundhi
R: Okay


After eating both went and paid the bill and came to the car. Laksh turned on the radio system and inserted his pendrive (asked his bhai to copy it and send it via driver as she like songs). First song played was Moh moh ke dhage from Dum laga ke haisha then Tere sang yaara from Rustom then Soch na sake from Airlift. They entered Maheshwari Palace. He parked the car and came to her side and opened the door and both took the gifts and went it. Everyone were in the hall chit-chatting and eating light snacks.
L: Maa (everyone saw him they couldn’t see Ragini as she is hiding behind him) I have bought a surprise for you (smiling sheepishly)
Ap: What beta? I said na that I don’t want anything for anniversary. I am blessed with two lovable sons, caring husband, a sweet bahu and a cute little princess and waiting for a kind bahu like Ragini to enter this palace and take care of you (Ragini was so happy that tears started flowing unknowingly). I don’t want anything more than that.
L: Maa, just see na
Ragini comes forward and wipes her tears and goes to Paa, Maa and Adharsh bhai to take their blessings. Parineeta bhabhi hugged her said
P: You are a sister for me so no need to touch my feet and I am so happy to get a devrani aka sister aka friend like you.
Ap: Beta, how is everyone in the family?
R: Maa everyone is fine. Laksh and I thought to meet today and I got to know about your anniversary from driver uncle (glaring Laksh as he didn’t inform her).
L: What happened Ragu? Don’t see me like this I am afraid. (Acting childishly and everyone are happy knowing they both are getting together)
R: So what can I do? Shall I hire people to kill you? Today is maa paa’s anniversary and you have hidden it from me. You are so mean I will not talk with you. (Glaring him continuously and Laksh went in to some room) Maa Paa though I don’t know it I have bought gifts for you. (Handing over the cover to them separately) Bhaiya Bhabhi I have both even for you (gave them their gift and was searching someone) Bhabhi where is Anchal I haven’t seen her till now?
Anchal: (in Laksh’s arm) Chachi.
R: Wow beta you’re so cute and here comes the special gift for my princess. (Trying to take her from Laksh’s arms but he is not giving her) Anchal beta, you want to be with me or your Chachu
An: Chachi

R: Then what Laksh leave her with me and go and see your work, don’t waste time here in Ladies meeting (Adharsh and Dp were getting ready to go to office for an important meeting, Ap, Anchal and Pari were getting annoyed with their fighting)
L: Maa tell your hone wale bahu to be in her limits, I know to do my work
Ap: Laksh its between you two and don’t make me interfere (winks at him) and you have to console her as you did the mistake
L: Ok maa now I will go to office and will console this girl afterwards as work is important for me than her.
Ragini was glaring at him. He went to his room. The ladies moved to kitchen and started cleaning the area when they heard Laksh shouting Maa
Ap: (Towards ragini) Beta, you go and see na what he wants I am little busy with kitchen works
R: (Unwillingly yet with a faint smile) Ok maa
She goes to his room and sees here and there but no one is there. She enters the room and she felt two bare arms hugging her from behind. She was angry but she blushed as it was soft. He makes her turn and she saw him in a T-Shirt and shorts and both had a cute eyelock.

So guys how was this chappy. Please do comment and suggestion welcomed. Bye dears……

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