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Your dreams are mine now (RagLak) Chapter-5

Hi guys, I am back again. I think I am a bit late today and sorry for it. I am so happy by the response dear. I was not feeling well and here it’s raining a lot. I will try to give the next chapter tomorrow and I don’t think I can update on Sunday and Monday, if so I will give any promo or a mega episode tomorrow or Saturday. Link for Chap 4, if anyone has missed it –

Chapter 4


Chapter 5

They both were sitting in the car and there was silence for few minutes then
L: So, will you listen to songs?
R: Of course, all does and I am a little mad than everyone. I listen all time, when I write, when I do some work and I hate to be without songs, I am so addicted to it. What about you??
L: I listen to songs but not addicted. I feel peace after listening to it.
R: You also feel the same right? Something is there in songs that I couldn’t be without them
L: True, if I ask something will you deny?

R: It depends on your question
L: I am willing to read your short stories, can you give it?
R: Of course, I will. I said that I am not willing to keep anything hidden from you, so there is no need to ask a question like this.
L: Okay then can I get it in the evening when I drop you?
R: Sure, I am willing to visit your parents and bhai. Shall we go there now, if you don’t mind?
L: Okay, I will just inform them about it. (Was about to call)
R: (snatching the phone) No please don’t call I want to give them a surprise, now can you take me to a shop. I want to gift them something and you should help me by saying selecting their favorite thing.

L: Pukka madamji
R: Laksh
L: Chill yaar Ragu
R: (sees a mall and then says) Stop, let’s go in this mall and purchase gifts.
After parking the car, he comes and they go inside the mall.
L: What are you going to buy?
R: You should only say me what they like.
L: We can go to Archies for bhai, bhabhi and Anchal (daughter of Parish)
R: Okay, Anchal’s age?
L: She is 3yrs now.
They go in and search for a perfect gift.
R: Laksh, see this (showing beautiful couple watch) Will bhai and bhabhi like it?
L: Of course they will it’s awesome. By the way did you see anything for Anchal?
R: How many teddy bears does she have? Shall I buy one?

L: Don’t know why all girls like it, she has many kept in her room.
R: We like hugging it, it’s so soft and chubby not like you guys. (Winking at him)
L: So have you hugged me before? (Coming near her and winks)
R: Laksh, no please don’t do it.
Saying this she runs to the counter to pay for the gifts and requests them to wrap it in a box separately, he came behind her and was watching her silently.
Laksh (in mind): Oh god, she’s so damn beautiful and I can’t resist myself. She said me that we are not soft na, I will show her how I am.
She ignores him and goes to a textile shop and selects for Maa and Paa. Laksh comes there and says their favorite color. She pays them and gets it packed and goes out followed by Laksh. They both sit in the car and drive from there.
R: Laksh, I am feeling hungry can you stop the car in any nearby restaurant

L: Even I am feeling rats in my stomach, will check if there’s any nearby

Hope you guys liked it. Please do comment below. Suggestions welcomed. Bye dears..

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