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We fell in love in just 7 days (intro and episode 1)

Hii guys i m back with my new ff it is similar to my fav movie and u have to guess it..

Yuvraj Birla – he loves soumya and he is very emotional he loves science and he doesn’t have any hestitation for asking anything from anyone


Suhani Shrivastav – she loves science and she ran away before 7 years with all money of her family

Soumya Shrivastav – she is a model and loves yuvraj and she loves her sisters too

Pankaj Shrivastav – loves her daughters a lot and he doesn’t like yuvraj but then also for soumya ‘s happiness he says yes for there marriage

Lata Shrivastav – loves her daughters a lot and she is very caring

Bhavana Birla – she loves her family and husband lot

Sharad Birla – loves her wife and brother yuvraj a lot

Pratima Birla – she doesn’t like soumya but for yuvraj happiness she says yes

Dadi – she loves her family a lot and she is caring

Episode 1 :

At lucknow

At birla house

Everyone are sitting on dining table .
Dadi – where is yuvraj ??
Pratima – he is studying in his room
Sharad – if door is closed then something is wrong
Pratima – sharad how can he study by opening all doors and windows ??
Sharad – yaa yaa
Bhavana – can you plz shut your mouth and eat i m not feeling well
Sharad – ok sweetheart i have to take care of your and our sweet kid
Sharad puts his hand on bhavana ‘s tummy
Bhavana smiles .

Land line phone rings
Pratima goes to pic it .
Yuvraj – hii maa
Pratima – u r in Home and u r calling me
Yuvraj – sorry maa i have came here in rajat wedding with saurav and anuj
Pratima – who are they ??
Yuvraj – ohh maa u again forgeted they are my best friends
Pratima – but how did you came out
Yuvraj – from window
Pratima – but window is having grill
Yuvraj – yes but i have screw driver so i opened it and came out
Pratima – you leaved window open ??
Yuvraj – yes ohh sorry plz close it otherwise dadi will scold me
Pratima – yuvraj really when u will come i will not leave you
Yuvraj – ok maa now bye
He hanges up the phone

He starts checking his phone and starts walking he hears a sound of someone throughing bags .
He looks there .
A girl is trying to bunk the wall and her to shirt gets stuck in a throan .
Yuvraj – do you need my help ??
Girl – yes
Yuvraj helps her .
Girl jumps from wall .
Yuvraj – hii i m yuvraj
Girl – hii i m suhani .
They shake hands .
Yuvraj – do you need my help for your luggage ??
Suhani – yes if you can
Yuvraj takes her bag
Suhani – lets leave fast
Yuvraj – ok

They leave from there .
They start walking .
They see boys playing cricket .
Suhani catches the ball and throws it back and boy is out .
Everyone claps for her .
Yuvraj – wow !!!
Suhani – u know match should be of 20 overs only in 3 hours match over
Yuvraj – i think there should be 32 players 11 batsman , 11 wicket kepper , 11 ballers
Suhani – pitch should be anti clock
Yuvraj – i have a nice idea but it cant work if there is flying ballers then ??
Suhani smiles .
Suhani goes to auto .
Suhani to autowala – will you come ??
Autowala – yes
Suhani – i want to go to airport
Suhani – yuvraj i m idea and you r technology if we will be together our kite will fly very high
Yuvraj smiles .
Suhani to autowala – lets go
Suhani stops the autowala and shouts – yuvraj will you come to goa ??
Yuvraj – its marriage here
Suhani – is it yours ??
Yuvraj – no
Suhani – then come
Yuvraj – but ..
Suhani – ok i m leaving .

She leaves

Yuvraj goes inside the marriage hall .

Yuvraj starts talking with anuj and saurav .
Someone tapes his shoulder .
Yuvraj turns .
He is mesmerized by soumya .
Soumya – hii i m soumya
Yuvraj – i m yuvraj
Soumya – mango eating competition is going to start u also sit
Yuvraj – ok
Competition starts .
Yuvraj doesn’t eat
Soumya looks at yuvraj .
She says him to eat mango in action .
Yuvraj says her in action that he doesn’t like mango
Soumya too says in a action that she doesn’t like mango .

Precap – after 7 years ….

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