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Udaan 1st December 2016 Written Episode Update

Udaan 1st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Chakor finding door locked. She shouts for help. She asks did Bhaiya ji’s men lock me, did they plan to trap me, Suraj is alone. Ragini and Bhaiya ji will kill him. Ragini comes to haveli. Bhaiya ji asks where is Ranjana, she went to find you. Ragini says Ranjana is still there, I m coming from doctor. He asks her to take rest, I will manage Suraj. She asks him did you know about Suraj being with Yadav, now Suraj will die and none will know how he died. She messages Yadav to kill Suraj. Bhaiya ji gets shocked.


Yadav reads her message and sees Suraj. Ragini says I gave order to kill Suraj. Bhaiya ji angrily slaps her. She gets shocked and says I gave you good news, and you slapped me, you also wanted Suraj to die. He says if you knew what I want, you would have not done

this. Yadav thinks to take Suraj’s phone so that he does not call anyone. He makes Suraj busy in talk. He asks for his phone. Suraj says I will get Chakor’s call. Yadav says I have to call my relatives. Suraj gives his phone.

Imli is on the way and cries. She says where are you Vivaan, where to find you, did anything happen to him. She calls Raunak and asks about Vivaan. Raunak says what, did he not come till now, matter is serious, did Ragini kidnap him, or did he meet with any accident. She worries and says no, nothing such will happen. She ends call and says why will Ragini beat Vivaan, I will not leave him. Bhaiya ji scolds Ragini and says I decide everyone’s fate, you can’t do anything. Ragini says Yadav will kill Suraj and go to jail by taking blame, no one will blame us, Yadav can kill Suraj for his wife and child. Yadav says I have to kill Suraj. Chakor calls Suraj.

Yadav says Chakor, you are not needed now. He gets the gun. Ragini says once jailer kills Suraj, I will kill jailer and his family, I planned everything, you slapped me. Ranjana comes. Bhaiya ji says I don’t want to kill Suraj, I want him alive, call jailer and stop him. Ragini refuses and says I will not take my order back. He scolds her and asks her to call Yadav. Ragini asks how can you forgive Suraj. He says I will not forgive him, I will give him such life which is worse than death.

Ragini asks what. Ranjana says I will say. Bhaiya ji signs her not to say. He says Ragini did few things without telling me, I will not do things without saying. Ragini says fine, if you decide this. She messages Yadav. He says call him. She says Suraj will be there, and doubt. She does not message Yadav and thinks sorry, your decision making ability got bad, if Suraj is alive, he will send you to jail and snatch my powers, Suraj has to die now.

Chakor calls Suraj and says why is Suraj’s phone off, is he in danger, how to leave. She checks recording. She gets shocked hearing Ragini. Ragini calls her foolish and says she has deleted all evidence before, she left this recording to make Chakor away from Suraj, now she will kill Suraj. Chakor gets shocked. Imli sits crying. She says what happened that Vivaan went away, punish me, but talk to me, I can’t live without you.

Chakor calls Imli and asks where are you and Vivaan, even he is not answering. Imli says Vivaan did not come from office, I was worried, what happened, is everything fine. Chakor says nothing is fine and tells her everything. Imli gets shocked. Chakor says I can’t leave from here, before Bhaiya ji and Ragini reach Suraj, you go to him and save him, Suraj and jailer are in old factory. Imli says I know what to do, I m leaving. She apologizes to Vivaan to break her promise as she is helpless to get the gun now.

Suraj asks jailer did Chakor call. Yadav says no, call won’t come now and you won’t be alive to answer call. He aims gun at Suraj. Suraj gets shocked.

Chakor holds her mangalsutra and says I will not let Suraj die. Yadav shoots Suraj. Bhaiya ji puts flowers on Suraj’s body.

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