Friends I am a huge fan of Manish Goplani and Thapki Pyaar Ki show. Hence I decided to upload a fan fiction that I am writing for THAHAAN. Hope you will like it…..
Description of Characters in my FF..I am an active member of the India Forums and this FF I have been uploading there too.

BIHAAN PANDEY – Tall, handsome, strict, allergic to laughter and smile, anger to the highest level on Earth and eventually his anger increases when he sees any girl or woman..U need to proveyourself good in his eyes if you are a female otherwise you are gone… he is like this because he is a strict CBI OFFICER (DCP),Agra, U.P… There is also another reason for him to be nostalgic towards women but that’s a suspense.


VAANI (THAPKI) – Bubbly, sweet, cute, talkative,cracks jokes and fun loving girl but she stammers a bit always.. She needs to be talkative because it is her work is like that.. She is an honest crime reporter and JOURNALIST in a small village Ramgarh in U.P.. Her character is a complete contrast to Bihaan because he doesn’t know to laugh and she is so chulbuli.. She also works for an orphanage “SWASTIK” and stays there itself…She has a secret past but no one knows it and she never expresses it.NOTE THAT I wrote her name without a surname so that’s again a suspense..

BALWINDER PANDEY- Biological father of Bihaan and he is the C.P.(Commissioner of Police) of U.P..

VASUNDHARA PANDEY -Biological mother of Bihaan.. She is a house wife and a handicapped paralysed in limbs, she can’t walk, uses a wheelchair 24 hours..

DHRUV PANDEY – Biological brother of Bihaan, who is the ACP of U.P but not as famous and brave officer as Bihaan.. He is a positive character..

ADITI MEHTA- A gujarati girl who is a doctor by profession and Dhruv’s closest friend but both like each other mentally… She is not the sister of Thapki here and is a positive character…
Rest of the supporting characters will be introduced within each chapter as the story progresses..


“SWASTIK ORPHANAGE” name plate is shown and the noise of children shouting to the top of their voice is heard.. The hallroom is shown where a person is centred with fifteen odd kids and she is trying to explain them.. She is Vaani.. Few parrots are also chirping from their cage in the hallroom saying “mmuujjhhee bbbhhhiii chichichi”… Vaani says”Ruk-oo sabko milega choc-co-co…” and she gets teary eyed.. somebody pats her from behind and Vaani says”chocolate”..

“PANDEY NIVAS” name plate is shown.. The sound of “aarti” of Ambe Maa is heard, an elderly woman of mid 40’s is shown on a wheelchair.. She is Vasundhara singing aarti with Dhruv and Balwinder with folded hands in the home temple is shown behind her in their office outfit ready to go after the puja..Somebody is coming down the stairs folding his sleeves and says in mind “Phir se yeh aarti shuru hua.. Hume isse kya, breakfast kar ke duty pe nikalte hai..” While thinking and walking, he was about to step into the temple but pulls back his leg, wears his socks and shoes and goes outside the house without having the breakfast.. Yes he is Bihaan..

I will upload the first chapter soon once everybody likes the promo……Thank you…..

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