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TASHAN E ISHQ TWINJ friendship,trust ;love promo

Chapter 24

Tashan – E – Ishq
Twinj ff promo



Friendship trust and love
Taneja Mansion
Rt- Leela please sign these papers
Leela is about to sign these papers but is stopped by Uv and Rudy
U&R- Stop Leela maa
Leela stops and reads the papers and is shocked at what is written.
Leela- itna bhara jhoot ?
How could you do this?
Twinkle- what did Papa do maa?
She takes the papers and is shocked to read what it says .
She runs away with tears in her eyes.
What was in the paper?

Promo 2
Kunj – don’t worry no matter what anyone says I will always be there with you?
Twinkle- thanks Kunj she said and hugged him. I am lucky to marry you.
Kunj- Btw Uv said that he wants to tell me something important? Do you know what?
Twinkle – No
What does Uv want to say?

Promo 3
A note
I know Uv you have loved me a lot. Even I have but now your wedding is going to be fixed with Mahi and I can’t do anything . Forget everything that has ever happened .Please move ahead in life and forget me and start a new journey with Mahi
From Chinki.
Uv scrunched the paper in anger and was upset and left the room.
Someone get the letter and is shocked
Who could have got the letter?

There will be lots of Twinj romance coming up soon.
I will try to post ASAP or on Chiku birthday ?

Please comment and share your views both negative and positive.

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