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Tashan-e-ishq Twinj 2-3 shots last shot

Twinj broke the hug
Kunj then bent down and placed his hand on Twinkles baby bump.
Kunj- I can’t believe in 4months our baby will be here he said placing a kiss on her tummy.
Twinkle smiled but began to cry.
Kunj- what happened Jaan? why are you crying?

Twinkle sobbing- Kunj I thought you won’t come back to me she said.
Kunj stood up and made her sit down on the sofa and gave her a side hug.
Kunj- don’t cry I always new that Alisha would do something from before but I didn’t want to stress you during the early months. I never wanted to leave you alone after what she did to me so I decided to go and live with her when you started to hate me so she thinks I still love her.
Kunj has tears in his eyes.
Kunj- sorry Twinkle
Twinkle – please Kunj don’t be
They hug again .
Kunj- Twinkle take all your necessary things with you
Twinkle- why Kunj
Kunj- because we are moving to Chandigarh
Twinkle- Chandigarh!!!!


Kunj- yes Meri Jaan we have had lots of ups and downs in Delhi and I want our honeymoon baby to be brought up in a place where we just love each other .
Twinkle blushes??? and hugs him.
He then moves suddenly and made a shocked face.
Kunj- what happened?
Twinkle takes his hand and places it on her tummy- it kicked Kunj
Kunj smiles as the baby kicks
He bends down and kisses her tummy – We can’t wait till your here.
They then leave for their new journey in Chandigarh
They reach Chandigarh and Twinkle is happy to see their new ?.
She was about to enter but Kunj stopped her
What happens Kunj.

He makes her do the ghar pravesh again and then carries her in his arms and shows her the house.
Everything was perfect. Their bedroom had pictures of their childhood and teenage pics . It also had pics when they were in love 4 years back .
The cupboard was filled with new clothes ? jewellery ,?shoes ? hand bags ?and makeup ?for Twinkle. She smiled and also had tears in her eyes.
Kunj- please don’t cry now
Twinkle smiles.
He then takes her to a room newt door. It was there babies room.It was filled with many toys and baby clothes.
Twinkle smiled . – Thank You so much
Night time.

They head back to their bedroom and are laying down to n their bed.
Twinkle is laying down on Kunj lap and Kunj leans forward to kisses her on the forehead.
Twinkle then sits up and cups Kunj face and they share a liplock.
They begin to get more closer but Kunj stops.
Kunj- it won’t affect the baby will it.
Twinkle nods her head I’m no and they get intimate .
1 week later Delhi.
Alisha was back and saw Kunj was not at home. She then went to his and Twinkles home and saw it was locked.
She finally went back to her house and saw a small note by Kunj saying “I was never destined with you bye”
She ripped the paper and was frustrated to she won’t get the property.
4months later.
Twinkle was in the delivery room and Kunj was besides her.
Suddenly they heard the baby cry.
Doc- Congratulations it’s a girl.
They both smile

Kunj carries his Angel in his arms and smiles.
Kunj- only cause of you me and you mama are together he said and smiled.
He then kissed Twinkles forehead and placed their little daughter in her hand.
Twinkle- Kunj what shall we name her.
Kunj- Pari she the angel of our life.
They both smile and look forward to spending their less of their life with their Pari!!!!
The end
I hope you enjoyed it
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