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Recap:Sanskar’s past…


Laksh:Pls swara only you can do this only you can make him the old sanskar by healing his wounds.

Swara (determined):Don’t worry Laksh I can do anything to make him the old sanskar he used to be.This is my promise to you and to myself.

Laksh(Smiled on hearing her):I know swara and I am sure that your love can surely heal his wounds.

Swara is shocked hearing the word love and told:No Laksh you r mistaken we r just friends.

Laksh:No swara it is clearly seen in ur eyes that you love him but u r not realising the fact.

Swara:But Laksh (interrupted)

Laksh:Ok swara but once u think yourself.Why r u so jealous when bhai was talking to any girl??Why u can’t see him sad??Think with ur heart swara.

Saying this he left from there leaving swara.Swara started thinking about laksh’s words and her moments with sanskar from the day of their marriage.A smile crept on her face.She started jumpinf like mad

Swara(Jumping):Yes I love him.I love Sanskar.I will confess him my love yes I will go to him now only.

She started to go but again stopped.

Swara(monologue):No swara not now first I will fulfill my promise.I will make him that old sanskar which he used to be then I will confess my love to him.Yes this is crct.

She went inside the house and started preparing his favorite dishes.She set everything on the table and was waiting for him to come home.

At Night

Sanskar reached home and swara received him.

Swara:Sanskar go and fresh up I will serve dinner.


Saying this sanskar went to freshen up.Soon he came down and sat at the table to eat.He saw that all the dishes r his favorites and amused.

Sanskar:What is the matter wifey you prepared all my favorite dishes.

Swara:Nothing special jst thought to prepare something for my hubby.

Sanskar smiled hearing her and both started eating.They finished eating and went to their room.They spent some time with each other talking and then later slept in each other’s embrace.

At midnight

It was mid night and swara is sleeping peacefully.But when she felt that she is not in Sanskar’s embrace she immediately opened her eyes and found that sanskar is not in the room.She searched everywhere in the house but could not find him.She finally found him sitting in the garden.She went to him and saw him crying seeing uttara’s photo.
She kept her hand on his shoulder.Sanskar turned towards her and started crying hugging her.

Sanskar(crying):I am very bad swara I can’t even save my sister and my friend.They lost their life but I am not able to save them swara..

Swara:Sshhh stop sanskar don’t blame urself sanskar.It is not ur mistake.It is Destiny which played a game.Now stop crying Sanskar. Will uttara and sahil be happy seeing u like this.No sanskar their soul will not be happy seeing you like this.It will not let their soul to rest in peace Sanskar.You should have a smile on your face when ever you remember them sanskar.Only this can make them happy Sanskar.

Hearing her Sanskar broke the hug and wiped his tears.

Sanskar:Ha swara what you r telling is crct I should not get like this.I don’t want my sister and friend to be sad seeing me like this.I will not cry from now instead I will try to be that old sanskar which my uttara and sahil always wants me to be.

Saying this he hugged her.Swara also smiled hearing him and hugged him back.Sanskar broke the hug and kissed her forehead.

Sanskar:But swara I will not leave that Dp for what he did with my sister and friend.May be he escaped from law using his power but never in his dreams he is going to escape from SM.At that time I don’t have any power to prove him culprit but now I have everything swara now I am not going to leave him and the power which is making him proud I am going to take that power from him.

Swara:But sanskar that is your family sanskar

Sanskar:No swara I don’t have any family except you and laksh.That is not my family.Everyone there are involved in killing my uttara and sahil so I am going to punish each and everyone present there.And Laksh is also helping me in doing so.

Swara:Sanskar whatever you do I am with u but pls dont do anything wrong because of which we have to suffer..

Sanskar:I promise swara I will not do anything wrong.

Swara smiled hearing him

Sanskar:Swara thank you for coming into my life and making it colourful swara..Thank you so much..

Swara:No sanskar I should thank u that u married me on that day and came into my life.Now my life is really colourful it is just because of u sanskar.Thank u so much sanskar.

Sanskar:Ok fine but from now onwards no thank u and no sorry ok


Both smiled and hugged each other.Swara made her grip tight on him and was feeling him.Sanskar kissed on her hairs and.After some time sanskar smiled naughtily and started teasing her

Sanskar(teasing):Swara do u want to stay like this for whole night.

Swara blushed hearing his comment and soon she breaked the hug.

Sanskar:waise I don’t have any problem if you want to be like this for the whole night.

Hearing him swara hits him playfully on his chest.Sanskar moans in pain.

Sanskar:Ouch swara its paining.u r beating ur husband and doing atyaachar on him.I think I should file a case against you.

Swara widened her eyes hearing him and told:Achha ji now wait I will show what is Atyachar.

Saying this she started going towards him.Sanskar started running and swara started chasing him.They ran in the whole house and finally reached their room.Both r tired after sometime and fall on bed and bursted out laughing.Soon both slept in each other’s embrace and satisfied smile on their face.

Screen freezes

Precap:Don’t know

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