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Swaragini 1st December 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 1st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Laksh asking them what he shall do to make them believe him that he is Abhimanyu. Swara says we shall wait till Nikhil is found. Laksh says his wife and daughter are suffering because of the happenings. Swara promises Ragini that she will prove that he is Laksh and that she will bring him back. Ragini asks Annapurna not to worry. Annapurna says may be he is not our Laksh. Swara says no, he is our Laksh, and asks her not to lose hope. She asks them to go and says she have to go inside in aarti’s get up. Sanskar thanks Swara for her doings and says I know you have done this for Ragini. Swara says not only for Ragini and looks at him. She says I shall go, Mishka must be waiting for me. Mishka waits for Aarti and recalls Swara questioning her. She thinks I shall talk to Aarti.

Swara is coming inside. Mishka collides with Mansi and says she is searching Aarti, but she is not here. Swara manages to come to kitchen through window. Something falls. Mansi and Mishka come there. Mansi asks what is happening here, and says you don’t know cooking naa. Swara says my husband is teaching me cooking. Mishka asks where was she? She says I came here, but you was not here. Swara says she went to store room. Mishka says she went there too. Mansi sends her to room and asks Swara to give biscuits to Mishka, and says they will not have food.

Mansi blames Swara for the stress and says how Mishka’s surgery will happen. She says my plan will be ruined. She then covers up her saying and acts to be worried. Laksh says even Swara is not wrong. Mansi asks are you taking her side. Laksh says yes. He asks did she forgot what happened 6 months back. A fb is show, Laksh leaves in his car after a fight with Sanskar. He hits someone with his car and he falls in the river. Mansi comes there and pushes him. Laksh gets injury on his birth mark. He says he will call Police. Mansi falls on him. Laksh brings her to hospital. Mansi tells Laksh that her husband came to meet them when he hit him. She says what I will tell to my daughter now. Mishka calls her and asks about her dad. Laksh is tensed.

Mansi tells Mishka that her papa is with her. Mishka asks them to come home. Mansi asks Laksh, what she will answer to her daughter and cries. She folds her hands and acts to faint. Laksh calls Doctor. Doctor checks her and tells Laksh that she went in coma. Laksh is shocked and doesn’t know what to do. Mishka comes to hospital and asks Laksh if her mamma is inside. Laksh says she is unwell. Mishka asks where is my Papa? Laksh says I am your Papa. Mishka hugs him happily. Laksh hugs her too. Fb ends.

Laksh says it was easy to convince Mishka, as she herself want to accept. He says I don’t want anything to happen to her and tells about her surgery. Laksh goes. Mansi says come soon, then only I can execute my plan.

Swara tells Mishka that Laksh is not her Papa. Mishka says he is Laksh uncle. She says Mansi and Nikhil had killed her papa Abhimanyu and even wanted to kill Laksh today. Swara is shocked. Mansi hits on Swara’s head with rod. Swara is unconscious.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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