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Star cross love abhigya (episode 25)

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Next day abhi woke up early n got ready he made some arrangements n left .as soon as pragya woke up she found square shaped tile pieces it was written tap me as soon as she tapped it one by one it fell down n formed a i love u with a heart n last piece fell on something n a door opened she smiled n went to see it she saw a gift wrapped n opened it she found A letter pragya wear this n come to pearl hotel at 9am sharp n i placed matching accesories in cupboard she was smiling she blushed reading the last line im sure u would look damn hot in this dr.pragya saw the time it was aleeady 8she freshed up and got ready she was wearing a baby pink saree n pearl earrings n platinum bracelet in her hand ah she was looking like an goddess she went out n took car which abhi had left fr her she went there.as soon as the car stopped she stepped down.suddenly abhi closed her eyes n brought her to place he twirled her went.She opened her eyes n saw the place decorated with beautiful flowers she walked n then noticed a rose petal path she removed her slippers n walked on it then a voice was heard
You came in my life as an angel
You spread colours to my colourless world
You threw glitters on it
When i asked why ur doing it
You said u love me
But now i say you live in my heart
Youre its queen
I love you mrs pragya abhishek prem mehra.
Pragya Was overhelmed suddenly she heard a giggling sound she followed it n went she saw a beautiful baby pictures were shown abhi came near her n wrapped his arms around her shoulders n said its u baby.pragya asked is it really me he said yes n all pictures of abhigya were now show .abhi said that ram is hid papa hw he saved her n said about her parents pragya said i want to see them abhi said okk come lets go with a disappointed tone pragya sensed it she slowly pecked him n said before that i wanna go a long drive with u they both went n on way back pragya was sleeping they went home abhi made pragya lie on bed n went to ram.ram said a hi come lets go abhi.abhi nodded both we t to city hospital when enquired doc said dont reveal her one baby is dead it might risk her life n keep her happy .shes too weak give her proteinaceous food.doc said okk abhi n explained him hw to tk care of pragya later abhi went now ram n doc were speaking abhi came out n said yes sir is the work done person on the other hand said yes sir half work is done within two days we will catch him abhi said okk


Ram n abhi went to home.abhi went to his room saying papa pack ur bags we will go to our home tmrw ram nodded happily.ra. was not able to sleep as he was going to meet his wife n family after a long time.here abhi packed his n pragya bags n slept near her
It was midnight when prgya woke up she woke abhi n said a bhi abhi abhi asked tell me what im feeling sleepy she said so ur sleep is important than me n baby see baby ur papa id not caring for us now abhi was fully awake n asked wat u want she said i want …………..abhi said wat nooooooooooooooo

Precap. Pragya pregnancy carving n family reunion with a twist

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